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Default Anyone in eastern WV familiar w/ mspnp?

I've been at a crossroads with my ecu for some time, as I've run into some confusing issues. I've tried searching, and asking anyone irl I've come across who might have some answers, but I'm still running into walls. This car has an FMII turbo kit with a 1.8 engine swap, and it will lean out as soon as I hook the map line up to the mspnp, seemingly regardless of what I do to my fuel tables. It'll idle (albeit roughly) with the map line unhooked, and my wideband will read 14.somethingorother and if I'm careful with the throttle I can even take it through the rev range without it stalling out, but obviously the ecu will be useless with the map line unhooked for any actual driving (right now the car is on stands and isn't physically moving).

Long story short, diagnosing someone else's problems online is next to impossible, I know, so instead of giving you guys a mile long list of all the car's symptoms I'm wondering if there might be anyone in the area who might be willing to lend a hand. This is my first project actually tuning myself, and I'm willing to bet my problems are user error. Right now the car is in Falling Waters WV, area code 25419. Anyone nearby? I'll buy the beer and make the sandwiches!

PS: if I can't figure this out relatively soon, I'm most likely going to sell my mspnp in favor of an fm voodoo box. With the stock ecu the car starts, idles, and revs just fine, and frankly I'm sick of pulling my hair out trying to reach beyond my comfort zone with this standalone.
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