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Default Best ecu for turbo setup

Hewoo everyone. i just picked up a 93 miata and a turbo kit for for a kid that was putting one together but sold the car. My BIGGEST concern is the ecu. When i get one do i take it to a shop and have them do everything? or is there one that you contact a vendor and they set it up?
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budge would be key for this, some ecu's are supported by more shops but more pricey and likewise for no support but way cheaper.
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Well, first thing you need to do is research... this site has answered that question thousands of times... there have even been stickies made on the topic.
Read, read, and read some more..

As for whether you should do it or not, if you arent comfortable working on cars, dont touch anything at all... it will just cause problems, especially when messing with the ECU. In which case, a shop that specializes in it would be your best bet. Most of us on here do all our own building and tuning. There are alot of very knowledgeable People here on the topic of tuning and turboing miatas that would be more than happy to help and answer questions... but ONLY after you have read all that you can. the search button is extremely helpful on this site... its like a Wikipedia for all things miata. Anything you CAN ask, HAS been asked.

The answer to all your Questions is MS..... MS, MS, MS....

But, welcome to the site, Hop over to the intro section and post an introduction, as well as plans, pictures, and specs (if any)
dont ask anything without researching first, and you will have a fine time
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I'll probably get flamed for this but...

If you plan on paying a shop (w/tuner & dyno) to tune it for you: AEM EMS-4 from TrackspeedEngineering. TSE will build you a PnP harness that will actually work with your Miata and set you up with a base config that will actually start the car. Don't expect that from any other vendor (that I'm aware of.) There is an army of tuners and shops out there who are already familiar with the AEM because it has great market penetration with the Honda and DSM crowds so finding an experienced tuner should be easy.

If you are willing to do a lot of learning, reading and tuning it yourself: MS3-Basic from MSLabs (Reverant here on MT) is a solid bet. Rev will get you set up with a PnP ECU with a custom basemap and configuration that will most likely start on the first crank. I may be a little bias because I own one

Be aware that there are a lot of shops who are unfamiliar with the MS and some that flatass won't touch one. If you have a local shop/tuner that you are looking to use, I would contact them first and see what they are willing to work with.
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Edit your profile you include your location, do a lot of reading, spell and grammar check your posts, make friends, and you'll have a street tuned Megasquirted miata in no time.
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Thanks guys for all the input. I'm good on working on cars. I'm just up to speed with electronic stuff. But I shall do more research and go from there.
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