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Default can someone give me numbers?

i have a 90 miata with a Greddy TD04 turbo, 550 injectors, FMIC, exhaust and Links engine management system. i just bought the car four days ago and i dont know anything about the Links system. I read the manual, and called FM. The car runs but it seems sluggish and backfires. Does someone have similar setup that can give me their settings to get me start?
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If FM couldn't help you with that Link, then no one can. There should be a default 550cc map you can load, they would have walked you through that.
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the guy i talked to just told me to re-read the manual. i have been pulling my hair out the past two days over this
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Pull the ECU out of the steel case and see what version ROM you are running in the link. You can get the latest ROM version (with the newest default maps for NA and turbo) for a reasonable price...check FM's site for price and ID tag of latest ROM chip for the 90-93 Link ECU.

You also need to download both the Link installation manual and the Link tuning from FM's site and read them both several times. The current issues with your setup could be caused by any number of things (incorrect timing; Link uses a special non-factory procedure to set initial advance, wrong injector scaling (old FM ROM versions used 440cc injectors as turbo default) or a crappy map (non-default) that you inherited with the car).

Best place to start after reading the tuning manual is to load the default turbo map and verify all settings and defaults (injectors, timing, MAP sensor, IAT etc). The Link can autotune non boosted cells with a the stock narrowband 02, and all boost cells with a wideband installed. You need to cut a trace on the board if you are running a yet another reason to open up the ECU and see if the unit has been wideband enabled while you are checking the ROM version.


Z830, injector offset is different between the 440cc (default for 1.6 turbo map) and 550cc injectors. Backfiring is often a timing issue, set your base timing per instructions in the Link tuning manual and see if that helps with the backfiring. I'm lazy, I'd check/verify those 2 items before doing anything else and see if your backfiring (usually timing) and low end sluggishness (often due to being over rich...which you are if running 550cc injectors with 440cc injector offset setting in the Link)

FWIW, all the FM default maps are base on the 91 pisstane premium they get in Colorado, so you can add some additional timing to the FM default maps if you have 93 premium available. You need to datalog and monitor knock (I'm assuming your install has the FM knock sensor) if you start adding timing however.

Converting to sequential injection is also an install option on the 90-93 Link (except for CA cars which came with sequential injection) so you may want to check to see if this has been done on your car.

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