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Default Engine Control Unit (ECU) using PIC microcontroller


i made my own Engine Control Unit (ECU) using PIC microcontroller for EFI Engine which controls the spraying of the Fuel injectors, manages the Ignition System consisting of Electronics Distributor less Ignition System (EDIS) .In Pakistan EFI engines get assembled only but the manufacturing or designing ECU is still a novel idea.

have a look at it

This ECU has following features:
1) Adjustable Idling Speed + Idling Speed Regulation.
2) Cold Start feature for better cranking in winters. Just starts in first Attempt.(Batch + Sequencial Injector firing)
3) Fully Controllable Ignition Timing (Advance/Retard) no need for Advancer in case of CNG.
4) Injector Duty Cycle is Programmable (Rich/Lean).
5) Cooling FAN can be set at any Temperature. to run the Engine at Optimum Temperature for maximum performance.
6) Fuel Pump runs only if Engine is running.
7) One can tune it for High Performance Vehciles to extract maximum output from the Engine.
8) It can be set on Economical Mode for Extra Fuel Saving.
9) Engine Maximum RPM can be limited at any set point. To enhance the Engine Life.
10) Injectors can be disabled just by giving one Pulse so there’s no need of Emulator for CNG.

ECU Inputs:
Intake Air Temperature Sensor, Throttle Position Sensor, Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor, O2 Sensor, Oil Pressure Sensor, Knocking Sensor, Coolant Temperature Sensor, CAM position Sensor, Crank Angle Sensor

ECU Outputs:
3-Fuel Injectors, 3-Ignition Coils, Idling Air Control Valve, VVT Solenoid, Purge Valve, Radiator cooling FAN, Fuel Pump, + RS232 port for Data Monitoring

its not for business/sale

Best Regards
Asad Hameed
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