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Default Homebrew Dyno result

Hopefully this isn't in the wrong section. I am looking for tuning advice.
I purchased this car a couple months ago from a member that was very active here back in the day. some of you may recognize the car/set up--member screen name was bripab007. i finally got it to the dyno mainly to check a/f but was curious on the power especially since the old owner never dyno'd it, just street tuned it with the a wide band. after reading the DIY FAQ thread on this site, this set up was built as instructed. i'm pretty new to turbo set ups and especially one managed by bandaids so i wanted to post the graph and get some of you guys input.
current set up on 1.6L:
equal length tubular manifold
mitsubishi TD04-13C integrated wastegate/bypass (off a volvo 940 what i've been told)
2.5" downipe/ mx-6 intercooler/ custom EBC using GM 2 bar map sensor and GM boost solenoid/ RX-7 MAF/ 1.8L tan top injectors/ 02 signal modifier
BEGI rising rate fuel pressure regulator
Bipes ACU timing retard device
I have made no engine/tune adjustments to how the previous owner built this car. it put down 208/180 today.

Here's the graph. Mustang Dyno on a hot day, ambient air temps probably 90:

I was surpised the power results. this was on 7.5lbs with an initial spike @10lbs. I honestly was expecting to see horsepower numbers around 150-160. I see its pretty lean for the better part of the torque curve than drops safely rich . i was advised to port the wastegate to try to eliminate that initial boost spike of 10lbs. I will get it back on the dyno once i have a better idea of what changes to make. i'm thinking of trying to add a little more fuel down low and maybe a little more timing up top...(slap me now if I'm not thinking correctly). I'm happy with the power output but if I can change something to make it better than I'm here to listen to what you guys have to say. This car has been on this set up for running reliably for a long time according to the previous owner so I'm not very eager to make major changes just yet. In the far future I do plan on a proper engine management like Megasquirt, injectors, and probably a bigger turbo when this one goes.
Thanks for any input/criticism. here's a pic of the car:
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Homebrew Dyno result-sstonymiata.jpg   Homebrew Dyno result-imag1046.jpg  
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I suggest you work on the AFR, that alone would smooth out power. Then you can mess with the bipes.

Check when the 02 modifier kicks in, Might be able to fine tune it.
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WTF is with the stupid X axis grid values the Mustang dyno uses??
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