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Default link ecu help

I have a link ECU in my 92 and there is some settings i can not for the life of me change to get the car running right..

what little info i know about the ecu is its one that is built into the factory ecu box and from searching that is a FM version.. i have the display unit and can adjust settings but no way to actually plug into a laptop

my problem is it seems to be stuck in a limp mode. i cant give it more then 50% throttle or the car will cut power and i have a rev limiter set at 4100rpms.. if i have my foot on the clutch i can give it full gas and it will rev freely to where it should but it wont do this when actually driving.

i am unsure of which setting to change on the display unit to fix this problem(if its even possible) or where to start looking

any help would be greatly appreciated
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Most likely cause is an intake temp sensor that's unplugged or got a short in it. You can verify this with the keypad. Check the Link manual to see how to view the air temp. If it says 100, then the sensor is not making a good connection.

A sort of limp mode and low rev limit are key symptoms of this problem.
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This sounds VERY similar to a fueling issue I just had. I put in a new fuel cell and wasnt told to basically use a trash filter to "flush" the cell. Ended up clogging the fuel filter. out of gear it would work fine but under load I couldnt get above 4k or have much in the way of power.

New fuel filter fixed it.

The intake temp sensor is similar but it only effects boost. The ECU cuts powers out so there is no boost when the intake temp sensor isnt reading.
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judging by what i found, im gonna go with the IAT sensor

i found it in the idle air tube. one wire was grounded the other was just hanging not connected to anything
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I'm glad to see a FM Link ECU thread come up. I have a broken car with this installed and I just purchased a reliable turbo'd car with band aided ecu that I've been thinking about swapping it into if anything goes wrong that I can't figure out or if I desire more power. Or I get with the times and do a megasquirt everyone has been so happy with.
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