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Old 12-11-2014, 10:58 PM   #21
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Well sorry to be a source of anti MT theory once again (and still railing against the consistently rude and unnecessary bullshit attitude sometimes) but I am having a ball of a time in my "shitty, not worth the effort 1600".

I think for the goals you have and the power you are looking at AND that you have a good percentage of what you need, rebuilding your 1600 is no brainer.

My original motor that made 180 hp at the wheels with real good torque down low was and still is (sold to my nephew) one of the most fun cars I have ever driven and I have driven a lot of cars!

Pity the original question about pistons wasn't ever answered.
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Old 12-12-2014, 10:19 AM   #22
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Wait, what? 200 hp out of the 1.6? Just like any project, take the amout you think it wI'll cost, then double or triple that. It's always a case of, "well since it's appart, i might as well do this too". $$$$$

Buy the two miata's from the guy, pull the engine and computer, then sell some of the other popular items (I'll buy the door panels) and then scrap the rest for a couple hundred bucks.
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Old 12-12-2014, 01:30 PM   #23
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Yea, its funny that the main question was never even addressed. My best guess is that they are probably a good equivalent to stock(at the cost of one stock piston and rings for a whole set) but whatever i guess.

Yea i know the rule of double or triple your cost goals. Done that aleady. I planned to originally keep my car stock for autoX (paid 3200 and it was in beautiful condition) Then I bought a Boss Frog Double hoop Roll bar, $700, then i found a used turbo kit for $2000 and now I wanted to set a hp goal of the stock engine limit so I got megasquirt and a few other odds and ends so another $600 or so. Now that i have about $6500 into it(and i got everything other than the roll bar at steals basically) I'm facing putting another $2000 into the engine(for a built 1.8) and probaly another $500 or more for a t28 or similar in the future when I want to hit the 300hp mark.

So after considering all that yea, saving $1000 seemed like a good idea by building the 1.6 while i had it out lol

I wish it was that easy to get those two miatas but I am 3hrs away from my parents, there isnt any room without making my parents look like trash, have no way to move them unless i do a tow with chains(assuming the wrecked one can be towed), and finaly i dont think the guy really wants to sell them( I just stopped by his house bc I had seen them sitting for a few years and made him an offer and he acted like he would consider it but never seemed to interested or motivated after that)
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