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Default Bent stock rods, ANYONE? 15 psi and Oil pump failure

Well, as many have known my fabulous oil pump did not like boost and it just simply vomited shrapnel inside the engine. So the next logical step (finally psi) is to tear everything apart, get a new block and start learning from your mistakes.

Well, well, LOL, I was shooting myself on the leg for never swapping the oil pump AND have used the aluminum pulley as clay shooting, but knucklehead and nonbeliever worst than St. Thomas I decided to push 15 psi on it, but anyway...

I guess the oil pump failure was an alarm of things much worst...

This is what I found out when I pulled out the cylinder head, let the pictures speak for themselves:

Name:  100_0665.jpg
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I pulled the CH out and I notice the piston closest to the timing belt was at an angle, that is NOT cool as I knew what was coming (but to late).

Name:  100_0662.jpg
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The Kia cylinder head held true to the beating, bullet proof like always, no sign of detonation underneath, pieces of metal from the oil pump etc, still on the payroll.

Name:  100_0663.jpg
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The turbo (EBAY!!) with no play, staying true had me questioning my faith.

Name:  100_0673.jpg
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Name:  100_0670.jpg
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The cast Miata 2001 pistons are intact on the top, lets wait for the side skirts thats another story.

From looking at the top of the piston and the spark plugs (in another thread) can say the mix was just about right with the stock ECU and the SAFC at 15 psi, PLUS I had the detonation sound amplifier DIY from autospeed, never ever heard any detonation or knocking.

Name:  100_0668.jpg
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The honing seems about right with minor or none wall damage.

Name:  100_0667.jpg
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BUT in this pic some vertical lines can be detected, BUT (not as an excuse) it could have been from driving it with bent rods for a good while and the mix of oil pump failing etc.

Name:  100_0676.jpg
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Like stated before, no detonation at all, I think the [email protected] 220 compression with 15 psi on a T3/T4 was just pushing the envelope of the stock rods.

Name:  100_0675.jpg
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Name:  100_0685.jpg
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Name:  100_0689.jpg
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The top of the pistons can hold well the power, its the rods the weakest link.

Note: the reason it is posted on this site, its the BP engine, exactly the same oil water pump, in fact the pistons are from Miata 2001, but the CH is from the Kia Sephia 97.

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Sorry to hear, but I get a hard-on for bent rod carnage pics.
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