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Default CAS Ignition Timing Question

Ok so last night I moved my car to switch parking spots with my friend. This morning when I got in to run some errands it would turn over but wouldnt start. After about 30 mins of diagnosing the problem I knew it was the CAS. So I marked the spot of the old one and put the new one in the same spot, as close as possible to the marked spot. Started the car and it idle a little lower than usual about 50-100 rpm difference. When coming to a stop after warming the car up the rpms drop a little more than usual and go back to normal. I dont have any aftermarket ignition timing controls since im on the greddy kit. When driving the turbo starts spooling up and building boost at 2500-3000rpms and it vents to atmosphere alot earlier as well with out a bov pretty loud. Before it would spool up around 3500- 4000 rpms. I dont have time to take it to a mechanic right now and put it back to 8degrees timing cause I have work in till saturday. So my question is Did my timing get advanced or retarded after my install of the cas? I know I can easily find out by playing with the timing but I dont want to risk anything. These are my Air/Fuel ration readings.

According to my AEM Air fuel gauge at idle im bouncing closer stoichiometric (14.5-15.2)
At mid throttle im little leaner than before about 15.8
At wide open throttle im richer than before at 11.9-12.3(before I was at 12.5-13.2)
Note AF ratio numbers are very close to what I have up here.

Thank you for reading this long *** explination and any help will be great =]
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