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Default New (1991) Miata Owner, Diagnostic question

I got my hands on a 91 miata and cant seem to get it running. When you turn the key, she turns over and sounds like shes firing but doesn't want to run.

Q-1 Does the check engine light stay on until the car starts? or should it come on with the key then go off after doing a "check"

I checked the timing and the timing seemed way off, I removed the timing belt and retimed it and still no go. I then removed the plugs and noticed a great deal of water in each cylinder.... I removed the timing belt once again and removed the cylinder head...Had it resurfaced and checked for cracks...Reinstalled with new head gasket and still same problem.

I changed plug wires and checked them for spark with Screwdriver (grounding) each one seems to be firing. I had a small fuel leak around a fuel injector, so i know i am getting fuel.

My last thing it check is compression but pretty sure its going to be fine, considering during replacement of timing belt, the crank was nearly impossible to turn by hand.

I am new to the miata world and as with most other companies there is usually some little thing that usually goes bad and prohibits cars from running, IE Honda has a main relay problem...

The only CeL code I got atm is 9
9 Water thermistor open or short circuit

I did have problems getting that plug off in the back(green) one but the car wouldnt start before that, is that code or thermosensor even capable of keeping the car from starting?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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