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Originally Posted by patsmx5 View Post
No, it increases engine!!!!11 Yeah, increases wear. I dunno why but my laptop sucks for typing. It will sometimes highlight a word while I'm typing and then when I hit the next key, it deletes the word and puts whatever key I just hit in its place. No idea why but it's aggravating.

And Paul, you're running a lower temp thermostat too I read. I'd switch to stock one if I were you.
On the machine I run a 180 or 185 but it has two 1/8" holes in it so pressure doesn't built up and water flows up to the t-stat. The car runs too cold with the 2 holes drilled. I have a new one to replace it but have been lazy. Gonna drill one 1/8" hole in it. Been blocking off half the radiator as a temp fix to keep temps up. Maybe I'll get a 195. thanks for the input
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im not really being a ***** about breaking it in im already hitting 5 psi and i have about 100 miles on it or less. when the post was up i just started to car and drive around... i found out i had air in the system (jacked up the front of the car sky high and ran it and what do u know bubbles).... i guess when i did the custom rad the cap is about even with the head and result making air pockets... so i think i may still have air in the system, i have a friend that has the nice tool from snap on thats takes all the air out the system and replaces with water... but my temps are nice for me 180 in traffic and 182 on highway... will post pics of set up when can... im kinda crazy when it come too water temp it blew my last engine i kinda want it at the 185 range... i drift the car sometimes and autoX and dont get to much air travel at those speeds so im expecting it to climb more under more load. so im thinking it will be fine under boost...
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Cruising about town etc normal driving 96degC, Trackday 99/101degC thats when running 10psi on a GT2860RS with Koyo rad & 13 row oilcooler.
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i getting back this old thread because these first days of my engine i notice a strange behavior of my coolant temp.

I am running ms3(Rev) with coolant reroute. I have the sensor placed back of the head at the screw hole next to the thermostat.
So all the days at first startup i had a very quick peak to 221F and after 205F stable.

My fan was always on.
At cruising i was never down from 205F .

I put a new sensor at the front side and temp changes very much !!! Now i have 203F peak and 192F stable.

Where do you believe that is the right place to have the sensor ? At back to the hottest side ?
or just opposite of the thermostat in front ?

Is very noticeable this big difference . So where do you thing is the most accurate place ?

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most accurate place, probably back of the cylinder head on a stock engine in the normal stock place.
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