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Originally Posted by cymx5 View Post
WOW! I must say I reallly dislike BF3 on Xbox. The interface in multiplayer is very detailed...and very slow on my xbox. It's hard to see and equally as hard to target people. I'm not going to hang around playing a game to which I can only get kills by camping or n00bt00bing. Boring.
Let me start of by saying that I've been a long time fan of the COD series. I've had them all and had likes/dislikes about all of them. World at War was probably my favorite overall. This is all on xbox 360 BTW. I use my computers to make money, not play games.

I was SUPER excited to get MW3 and since I got it, I can count the number of times I've played it on both hands. Each time it was for only a short period as well. Just didnt do it for me.

BF3 on the other hand. I got that from Amazon as the deal of the day with my video game credit from buying MW3 and scored it for $15. I've been playing it about 3-4 times a week since I got it. I hated it at first, but yesterday I literally sat on the couch for like 4 hours and played it.

Give it some time. I REALLY hated it at first, but liked that it was so much different than COD so I gave it a chance. Now I'll have a game where I do so-so, then the next game I fack shat up.

I just ordered Tony Hawk Ride this morning cause I was able to snag it for $18. I'll probably hate it, but I have a thing for deals. I cant NOT buy them if I'm even remotely interested. lol
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I was too quick to judge on this one. I'm feeling BF3 is a bit like The Hunger Games...hard to start, but awesome once you get into it.

Maybe I went in too quick over the weekend and my xbox overloaded. It really was horrible gameplay yesterday when I started BF3...maybe since I just installed the game...and Sunday is an extremely network heavy day since all the new shows are feeding the DVR.

Today was a total transformation. I gotta admit...I just played TDM the last 4 hours and it was a blast. Once you get a few weapon accessories above the base weapons, it becomes much easier to target and kill. SUPER COOL to be able to actually destroy the buildings, etc. on the maps.

Gameplay yesterday and today is like night and day. I'm glad I didn't return it in my early anger . Sorry for crapping up this thread..
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So many days gone
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Sex panther. Works 60% of the time, all the time
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Collin, you got the quote wrong, and there's nothing worse for your rep here at than getting movie quotes wrong, especially in a thread I started... except for maybe being a complete douche by making worthless posts to get your count up, which makes you super-douche of the week here. Do it again, I'll stab you in the face with a soldering iron.
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