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Further thread drift:
Originally Posted by blaen99 View Post
You are correct that that is full system load, Joe.
Well that's a load of crap, then.

At full-tilt-boogie, the video card ain't the only thing whose power consumption is a variable. The CPU, RAM and motherboard are all going to be cooking, so how can you have any idea what the power consumption of any one device is if you're only measuring the mains power?

It doesn't even account for the fact that the conversion efficiency of the power supply itself is non-linear.

Every modern multi-supply video card has on-board shunts on all of the incoming rails used to drive VCORE (and whatever other locally-regulated supplies they require), and you can find the specs on then just by looking at the power management IC and pulling up the datasheet for it. How the hell hard is it for these folks to tap across those into a set of high-impedance DC millivoltmeters and read the current directly at the point of consumption?

Here's a typical power supply circuit for a video card which draws from both the PCIe bus and an external ATX connector:

All you need to know is the value of the two leftmost VIS shunts and you can very precisely measure actual power consumption by simply probing across them while the card is operating.

Fuсking lazy-***, good-for-nothing bloggers can't even be bothered to do a tiny bit of proper engineering, and think a consumer grade AC wattmeter makes them the King of all Metrics. I am the Data Pope, motherfuсker!

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Originally Posted by triple88a View Post
That is, by definition, fancy math to extrapolate the usage Triple88. Seriously, read the first paragraph of what you linked - that, by definition, is extrapolating the load and not measuring the load.

Secondly, it appears to only be trying to measure full load, not specific video card load based on what the article is saying - my statement was explicit in measuring only one specific component in the system, rather than the system as a whole. I could be misreading it, but after rereading it three times, I don't think I am.

Originally Posted by Joe Perez
Fuсking lazy-***, good-for-nothing bloggers can't even be bothered to do a tiny bit of proper engineering, and think a consumer grade AC wattmeter makes them the King of all Metrics. I am the Data Pope, motherfuсker!
All hail the Data Pope!

But seriously, what you specify goes well beyond what any review site would be qualified to do, and with modern video cards, would likely require removing silicone in order to get to the relevant area. I can't recall the last time I ever heard of a review site employing an EE of your calibre.

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First word of advice is dont cheap out on the power supply. I have had multiple cheap-o power supplies fry and short parts of my MOBO out. Make sure reviews are good even if the price is cheap.

and if you really looking for the best bang for the buck i would still go with AMD> a cheap 1055t will out run that core 2 anyday.
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Well I've been out of the loop for a little bit, but I'll bump this to the top with an update. I did finally upgrade my gaming rig. Well, what started out as upgrading ended up being pretty much building a totally new one... lol

-3570k i5
-ASUS Sabertooth Z77 mobo
-GTX 670 FTW
-8 GB Corsair Vengeance RAM @1600mhz
-128g Crucial M4 SSD
-Corsair HX750 PS
-Corsair 650d case


All in all, I love it and I can kill any game. BF3 on ultra everything at a constant 80+ FPS, and yhe 650d case is AMAZING. Best case ever.
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