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Default '93 stalled on interstate

Was into a 4hr haul when about 1.5 into the car just suddeny died. Still had RPM on gauge. Pulled over and all it did was turn over and very slight sputter at first, nothing after that. I hot-wired the fuel pump on but still no start. After dicking around looking for loose wires at the coil packs and ignitor and more cranking over, I gave up... about 30min later after stalling, I tried cranking it over waiting for the tow truck (the wife) and the b!tch started right up?!? I backed it up an on ramp to turn around, put it in 1st and gave it slight gas and it died again. 15min later it started up and was about 45 min on way back when it stalled out again. This time I parked it and when back for my tow vehicle and trailer... and of course, when I got back to the car, it started right up and drove it onto the trailer.

It almost seems an ignition short, or something over heating knocking out the ignition - which is why I was thinking ignitor. Anyway, hauling it to the track this wekeend for some diagnostic time - at least I get a free tow if it stalls again.

Any ideas on what it could be? I'm taking a spare ignitor, coil pack, and ecu with me to the track - I didn't think CAS b/c I had tach signal when it stalled out.
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I had a similar issue with a chevy truck, it'd work when cold, die when hot. Ended up being the coolant sensor reading a constant -40 degrees. So it was roughly the correct mixture when cold, but when the engine was hot, a cold fuel map (or whatever the '88 equivalent was, choke setting?) plus a hot engine and it would just die.

Remember you have three. The one in the front thermostat turns the fan on and off, the single wire coming out at a horizontal angle at the back of the head is for the gauge, and the two wire sensor coming out vertically in roughly the same location is for the ECU, that's the one you wanna check.

Is this the Zero then? Or some stock DD?

If it's on MS, MS reads off that two wire sensor, compare it to the dash gauge. Although that's even harder since the gauge sucks.
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It's my mostly stock '93 - but soon everything on the 'zero' will be put into this, including the MS. I'll check that sensor that goes to the ecu.
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I had this problam on my Jeep. Replaced both crank and cam sensors. Pretty sure the cam sensor was okay, but I already bought it, no returns.
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check grounds- I lost a ground bump drafting and had to park it between 10a and 10b
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