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Default another rough idle question

does oil pressure have anything to do with the way your car idols... sorry if this is a stupid question.

but my idol when i just put it in neutral and let it go down will sometimes jump really low to like 4 or 500 and then jump its way back to like 900-1000.

and my oil pressure is really low and i've checked the oil level and everything. everything is fine... i'm just trying to figure out why my car is idoling like ****.

checked all the hoses and intercooler piping as well.
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hehehe - I bet that rough idol didn't make it to the next round lol

No, your oil pressure doesn't affect your idle speed. However a very low idle does lead to a low oil pressure.
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Hey, you might be getting the early stages of the famous "Idle Droop" our cars are notorious for. As your IAC valve (the thing mounted to the bottom of the throttle body) starts to get clogged or wear out, the little flapper wheel in there that meters air into the intake when the throttle is completely closed starts to malfuntion. It might be just clogged or sticking... or the IAC might be getting old. Many, many, many, many threads on about this... just do a search in the 1.6 NA forum.
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How many miles on the car? Have you cleaned your EGR valve? I believe there is a special formula for that purpose at NAPA, other wise I have used Brake cleaner.
Symptoms, lazy starting (you have to crank it a few times before it stays running) and poor idle, (the EGR valve is cracked open by carbon build up).

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My car is having the same thing. When I bought the car, the guy selling it said it was the "Idle control valve" and he just cleaned it out. But it just started doing it again. Anyone have a picture of were it is and how to clean it? Or how much it is to replace?
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lol the other day... the first stop light i came too...the car completely shut off ... like and then i just sat there adn was like wtf...but then it started right back up and i just gave her some gas and like after that she was fine... i def think my IAC valve is sticky.

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