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Default another thread about torsen diff

i know there have been a ton of threads covering torsens, and ive been shopping on ebay and found one or two......but what is the difference between the t1 and t2 differential?

neither one on ebay has the year model so im not sure what the gear size is in them.
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Read all about it Torsen Products Page

Torsen differential products cover a wide range of torque biases and applications in the front, center, and rear of a vehicle!

T-1 (Type A)
This is the original differential that was introduced in the AM General HMMWV (Hummer®) and the Audi Quattro which has seen considerable growth in other worldwide applications. This is our crossed axis helical (Invex™) higher torque bias differential.

T-2 (Type B)
This differential is only a few years old and adds a wide range of torque bias coverage for the Toyoda-Koki Automotive Torsen North America, Inc. product line. This type of differential is referred to as our parallel axis helical (Equvex™) differential which was designed to accommodate Ford and GM C-Clip applications.

T-2R (RaceMaster)
The T-2R is a higher bias T-2 torque sensing parallel axis differential designed for the more performance minded driver. The higher bias found in the T-2R, like the T-1, allows the transfer of more available torque to the wheel that can better use it.

T-3 (Type C)
The newest differential style of the Torsen product line. The T-3 is currently offered in a single or Twin Differential configuration (The twin differential has an open differential surrounded by a Torsen differential!). This versatile unit is ideally suited for center applications and is designed for those hard to package all wheel drive systems. The design of the Type C allows for a torque split other than 50:50 with a majority of available torque designed to go to either the front or rear axle.
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