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Default BEGI kit ?

I'm in the process of swapping a 1.8 into my 1991 1.6. I had been running a
FMII system and have bought several of the new BEGI components to help in the swap. I bought the new manifold , downpipe, and 6 inch intercooler and pipes. I also got the lower radiator hose reroute kit as it or something like it is necessary to allow the location of the new compressor out tube. BEGI's solution also involves cutting the outlet hose from the heatercore and rerouting it along the fender to the front of the car and then back into the system. FM's solution is alot simpler in that they simnply replace the lower radiator hose with a generic flew hose. the heater outlet hose and routing is stock, meaning it flows under the manifold toward the waterpump. MY question basicly is can the 1.8 motor with the new manifold and downpipe be used with the stock heater outlet hose routing. i can only think of two possible issues, 1. the downpipe will interfere with the heater hose, and 2 the metal tube that goes under the manifold will not agree with it. the first one i won't be able to tell until the motor is back in the car. the second i guess i can go out to the shop and see for myself. By the way that down pipe is a piece of art. very sturdy, i was afraid of flex in the wastegate tube area but it is solid. and yes i bought the smallest intercooler. my goals are 250 to 275HP and i plan to use WI with it so i ordered the smallest intercooler .
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whoa, you have the same goals, and swap that I do.
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yes from what i see on our 96 the heater lines are the same. dont know about the reroute though it is worth shot if it doesnt work get some longer hose and some zipties to keep it out of the way.
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it looks like the new BEGI down pipe is a little closer to the heater outlet pipe than the old downpipe. old= 1.25" clearance, new=.75" I might be able to bend the pipe a little more but must be careful. also have the thermo sleeve insulation that i plan to put on the heater outlet pipe. what do ya'll think of those clearances?
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you can heat-up the pipe and bend it back towards the firewall a bit....BEGi also sells a "by-pass" so it completely re-routes where that pipe goes.
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yeah that's what i've got , just don't know if i like the idea of so many more joints and the way it's routed.
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Do you have a turbo heat shield? Wrap the heater lines in a 'heat wrap fabric'. Either will work, and all will be fine.
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