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Default Clutch disaster, advice needed.

I recently replaced the clutch in my '95 Miata.

I bought this clutch disk

and this pressure plate

I replaced all of the other stuff with Mazda parts (gaskets, etc.) but I bought the alignment tool and throw-out bearing from Advance Auto Parts because clutchnet doesn't sell kits, just discs and pressure plates.

Anywho I installed everything a couple weeks ago and finally got the car all put back together and running last Sunday. I took the car for a short test drive to get some gas and make sure everything was kosher with the clutch install. After less than 5 miles the clutch started making a howling noise whenever the clutch pedal was depressed.

So I stopped driving the car figuring there was something wrong with the throw-out bearing. I had the car towed to AAMCO transmission and they finally pulled the tranny yesterday. The throw-out bearing is seized and the pressure plate is destroyed. I will post pictures later. The mechanics at the transmission shop say everything was installed correctly and the throw-out bearing seized causing the damage to everything else (including a hole in the bellhousing from a pressure plate finger flying through it).

I called Advance asking about what kind of warranty the throw-out bearing has etc. etc. They haven't given me a concrete response yet but initially the guy was saying they might be able to get me another clutch kit at no costs. I'm worried about the $500 in clutch stuff that got destroyed and the $300 plus in labor from having the tranny dropped.

They haven't called me back yet but it didn't sound too good on the phone. What do you guys think I should do? I've never had an experience with this sort of thing but I know I don't want to eat $800 worth of clutch and repairs because the throw-out bearing was crap.

Thanks guys.
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You'll probably have to play hardball to get Advance to pay for anything other than the bearing. Be sure to document everything with pictures and try to get AAMCO to write up something describing what happened. This will help if it comes to legal action. Good luck!
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If you did the install then you will probably have to cover everything except the parts which are probably under warranty. That's my thoughts on it. Did you readjust the clutch pedal (inside the car) after the install so the throwout wasn't loaded? I had a friend who had a clutch installed in his '00 Miata and when I took it for a ride I noticed the pedal was very firm at the slightest push. Sure enough it was out of adjustment. His throwout would have fried for sure if I hadn't adjusted it.
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I heard back from Advance. I'm supposed to bring them the bearing and they have to ship it out to Federal Mogul. They said they should hear back from federal mogul in 30 to 60 days to find out if anything will be covered.

I'm sure federal mogul will come up with some reason why it's not their fault and I'm going to get hosed out of any money.

Either way I have to pay everything up front if I want the car drivable soon.

Everything was installed and adjusted correctly. I can't imagine it being an adjustment problem when it failed almost instantly, less than 10 miles.

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