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Originally Posted by AbeFM View Post
And I don't know that just cause logically a scalpel will cut my foot just like it cut my hand and my arm and my thigh

Bad example. No variables or unknowns with the scalpel and flesh. Pretty clear interface. The head gasket and reroute has all sorts of variables you are making assumptions for; fluid dynamics, convection, thermal conductivity of various materials, pressure differentials, heat rejection at various coolant flow rates, CHT's generated by the four cylinders, and a probably a few other things only an specialist engineer would know to factor in. Intrinsically, it seems wrong to run the new gasket and a reroute and probably is, but I choose to reserve judgement on just how much of an issue it is until the community actually tests it.

On paper at least, the Miata should handle like poo when the ride heights are as low as we run them on the track, bumpsteer, limited bump travel, roll center heights, instant centers. All look bad, to the point that I've seen some tuners over analyze things, draw conclusions and set up their cars "correct" but slow. The cars are demonstrably faster when run really low.

Without a thorough evaluation, it is definitely too soon make claims that the world will end if using a reroute with the newer head gasket. That not a single reroute user with an F/I 01-05 has had an issue should not be overlooked.

The real question isn't which damage might occur, but, is there any gain? So you're going to spend money, add joints to the system, make it harder to work on.... to possible not to put at risk and probably (almost certainly, but again, like you said, we haven't PROVED it) make it run hotter. A bigger radiator or ducting would be a better place to put your money.
Without testing, it seems no one knows yet whether a big rad/ducting is a better overall solution that just a reroute.

My question is - will the newer headgasket work BETTER than the old and a reroute? Quite possibly.
Agreed. Again it's clear that the best solution is a reroute and the 94-05 head gasket. Just like drop spindles would be better for lowered Miatas to correct geometry. Meanwhile, I'll continue to race and set lap records with the incorrect geometry that we know gets the job done.
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