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Default Emissions testing sucks *****

I didn't have that **** out in Washington. Every year? ****. Alright let's see if we can pass on the first try.

Remember where I left wideband. Check.
Install wideband - a little more forethought to where the bung was placed would have simplified things a bit.

Take note of readings. Check. Holy intercourse Batman, is that right?
Make mental note to punch self in nuts for not having free time to do that sooner.

Install cat.
Make mental note to give flyin miata a collective punch in the nuts for not welding the nuts to the butterfly brace. WHY NOT????!! Seriously, I would have paid more for it.
Go grab welder, were fixing this **** this time.

Make second mental note to punch brother in nuts for -borrowing- my welder, again, without asking.
Third mental note , apparently gaskets are optional when you order a new cat, Pays to open the box first apparently.
Put that **** back together, with much bitching about people and welders and gaskets. Check.

Swap in stock injectors. Check
Disconnect afpr. Check.
Adjust timing/base idle. Check.
Get things tuned in using w/b. Check.

Runs like ****..I mean a stock miata, mostly. Go get tested. Much crossing of fingers here. Everyone has to ooh and ahh before I can even get on the machine. Why is it the first question people ask is 'how fast does it go'. I dunno, But I had it up to like almost 35 or so on the way here.

PASSES. easily.

Sweet. Drive home. Hmm we seem to be consuming fuel at a rather alarming rate. Oh look everyone, number two injector is leaking like niagra falls. Straight shot to the ground minus the oil filter, So **** it, ten miles to home. Now I get spend all day putting it back together, and do it again next year? Awesome.
I'm beginning to have some minor interest in squirting it now.
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