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There goes the tone of the thread

It started well, with a discussion about the magnificent torque curve that LSx modified Miatas enjoy. There was a little discussion about turbo vs. large displacement V8, followed by a nice side bar regarding who makes a better V8.

Lo, then you interjected with this whopper:
Originally Posted by elesjuan View Post
2 big *** valves > 4 tiny ------y valves.
This statement is so patently untrue, as any powertrain engineer will attest, that I assume that you threw it in there to "enjoy getting the rise out of people". You then cite the 2V specs for a top fuel drag engine, which, as several pointed out, is irrelevant since the rules prevent them from using the superior ------y 4-valve option. I won't even get into your ludicrous example of a 25.5Kl two-stoke marine diesel...

The fact that Ford, or anyone else, managed to put together a 4V design that made less power than another manufacturer's 2V effort says nothing about the pros and cons of 4V vs 2V and everything about each manufacturer's power goal and/or engineering ability. Any number of design flaws in that Cobra engine could have strangled ultimate power output.

GM kept the OHV design in the new generation LSx engines for the simple reason that it packages better. It allows for a lower hoodline in the Corvette. It is to their credit that they did so well given that restriction. It's a fine motor, by any standards - powerful, durable and relatively inexpensive to build. It cannot, because of the limitations of its 16 big *** valves, approach the HP/liter of any number of 32V V8s, no matter how much the voices in your head tell you otherwise.
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