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Default Former 1.6 with 90-93 PNP to run a complete 99' 1.8?

New to the turbo/ tuned Miata game, SOS.

I have my self a 93' chassis, with a 99 bottom end, a 97 head, and a 1.8 intake manifold, 1.6 throttle body and a BMW TBS (variable). and a 90-93 Megasquirt PNP to run it all. Yes I know, be nice.

The previous owner and I believe cylinders 2 and 3 have bad rings, long story short.. I can pick up a (almost complete) 99 engine with out the intake manifold, but could order online if needed.
My question is: Can my current Megasquirt run a complete 99' set up with out re doing wiring and messing about with "custom" this and "modified" that? I am looking to uniform the engine and minimize the amount of "custom" work needed to be done.

I would also (for obvious reasons) want to keep the same clutch, flywheel, and pressure plate.

Also, please see below and let me know what following parts will/ will NOT be transferable to the 99' engine.

a. 4,000 miles on engine
b. Acl bearings
c. 99 block/ 97 head
d. 9.5:1 cr
e. Fel-pro or Oem mazda gaskets only
f. No ac, no ps
g. Intake manifold modified to accept 1.6 throttle body.
h. EGR and PCV delete
i. Wrinkle black valve cover
j. -10AN turbo oil return
k. Billet aluminum Coolant reroute spacer
l. New radiator hoses
m. Aluminum radiator
n. Mazdaspeed motor mounts
o. Flyin Miata lightweight flywheel
p. Flyin miata Pressure plate
q. 6 puck sprung clutch disk
Trans is the original 93' 1.6 about 117,xxx miles. Feels fine.
a. Megasquirt PNP v1 90-93
b. Rx7 440cc injectors, cleaned and flow matched 3,000 miles ago by ProFlow
c. Aem Uego wideband
d. Prosport elec. Boost gauge
e. Gm iat sensor
f. Equuis volt gauge
g. Equuis coolant temp gauge
h. Toyota Coil on Plug Conversion

Again, I am new to this, so my Megasquirt knowledge is minimal but growing by the day, as well as my knowledge of what sensors work on what variation of the engine. Feel free to move the post where ever need be, or point me in the direction that would help.

Below are links to the build of the car, as well as a thread to a similar topic.

My car:

Guy I bought it from dialogue:

Similar thread:
MegaSquirt PnP Questions [Archive] - MX-5 Miata Forum

I appreciate any and all input, I am decent with a wrench, but not confident with wiring.

I love the car, love Miatas, just looking to make it a uniform swap and rule out all the "custom" that leads to a bunch of guess work and minimize expenses because #college.

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So I personally know that car. The head used to be mine. Sorry that it is a basket case. Now to answer your question, yes you can run the 99 engine off the MSPNP. You will need to swap over the CAS from older head to the new head. I would highly suggest that you sell the MSPNP for whatever you can get for it, then upgrade to at least a MS2 of some sort, but highly recommend a MS3 instead.

With the 99 head you WILL NEED the 99/00 intake manifold.
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As for now, I would like to keep the current PNP, to minimize spending. But certainly down the road, Id like to get a newer MS. I just need to know that my current PNP will be able to run it all and tune effectively and reliably. Only looking for roughly 200hp and keep the engine in one piece.
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1.6 to 1.8, 99 engine, pnp help

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