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Default Front Main? and Other Issue

I noticed some oil seepage coming from behind the crank pulley, got the car in the air, and found a greenish grease seeping along with the oil (thinking maybe whatever was used to lubricate the front main seal when it was first installed?). It's not causing a noticeable loss of oil at all, so maybe it's not bad. Yet. I searched, and no one has had the same symptoms, so is this a front main? Or something else possibly related to the oil pan since it's so close?
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Also, to keep everything in one thread, I'm having 2 odd noises from the transmission, however, it is still functioning fine. (I have an ACT Extreme clutch with an FM lightweight flywheel.) Sometimes it makes a squeaking sound that is noticeable whenever the clutch pedal is not being pushed in, in gear and moving, or out of gear and sitting still. As soon as any pressure is placed on the pedal, as light as small foot pressure, it stops. I don't drive with my foot resting on the pedal or with my hand on the stick. One of the techs at work suggested it might be that the ball in the fork may have become dry and needs to be lubricated appropriately. He's not our transmission tech, so he couldn't explain it any more clearly than that. It left me confused, all I know is that it's near the slave, which, by the way, is working properly. Is there something to adjust, or is there something else I need to be looking for?

Also, there is a tick that shows up every now and again, and I was able to get it on video. The noise is coming from where I am pointing the camera, but as with all car noises, it could be elsewhere. It's basically somewhere inside the front of the housing.

Thanks in advance!
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i thinking you needz to looking at the oil pan gazkets...
depending on your free time and tooling skillz, i would go ahead and do a TB WP front seal cam seals all at the same time, its safer for the long rung, and i hate taking off the TB twice when i could do it may actually be better off pulling the motor to do it all, give you a chance to also replace the rear main and check on your clutch assembly etc.
good luck chief
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untill your oil pan is looks like the drip itself, i would be less than concerned.
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One thing I've learned about front end leaks is to start at the top behind the tbelt panels when checking and work your way down. Since your leak goes above the center line of the crank, it could be coming from higher up, as opposed to the front main and getting spun out. And consider the increased potential for upper seals/gaskets leaking from increased crankcase pressure via boost.

For the trans noise- you can pull the fork boot back to get access to the input shaft. Use something long with grease on the end to get a little bit on the input shaft with clutch pushed in. Then work the pedal. It sounds to be like the T/O bearing spinning on the shaft. The other thing that can happen as the clutch wears- the pp springs get closer to the T/O bearing and can actually end up touching it. It's pretty obvious if this is the case, since the freeplay in the pedal is nonexistant. Both of these go away when you press the clutch pedal.
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