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Default Mandatory ECU's and Gauges for Turbo'd Miatas
That is the turbo I will be installing on an NB miata.

So what ECU's and gauges will I need?

Hopefully nothing that will obliterate my whole wallet.

thanks alot
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Get an AEM EMS
and get some AEM gauges....
I'm pretty sure you can get some sensors for those gauges too.
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$3,700 and it doesn't come with any kind of fuel or ignition control at all? I'd hate to work at that company's tech support line... If they even have one.
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Yeah... ouch.

And for the ECU it depends on how much you really want to pay.
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Go DIY or Begi and MS, or even hydra AEM is simple but hydra is just as simple and a good bit less MS is complex but cejernigan is running it just fine. you will want to retain stock ecu to run the alternator etc.
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why did you go AVO and not FM or Begi? doesnt seem like you saved any cashola
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true that yo even if he drives a NB Begi or FM would be the way to go or DIY unless you live in australia.
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Notice it says "230hp." So expect to make say 190whp at 9psi.
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Newports, welcome to a great forum. Please, fill out the rest of your profile, including where you live. It would also be nice if you told us a little about your turbo goals and put a short list of current mods in your signature. Just looking at that kit, it would appear to have a seriously misleading ad and be absurdly expensive. Have you already bought this thing?

Our Mazda Miata Kit features:
AVO Ball-bearing Type S turbocharger
AVO High-temp cast manifold and turbo outlet
AVO stainless front pipe with flex joint
AVO Bar and Plate FMIC
AVO Aluminum IC piping and reinforced silicone IC hoses
AVO Power Air filter
AVO Subcomputer with extra injector
AVO Blow off valve kit
Braided stainless oil lines
All necessary hoses, clamps, and fittings
The computer and extra injector are not included in this KIT
Optional Parts
AVO Subcomputer with extra injector
Fuel system control is via an AVO sub-computer which allows complete control over fuel and ignition mapping.
AVO bolt on 190lt Fuel pump
AVO 500cc Bolt on injectors
Our Mazda Miata Kit features:

It lists the computer (that I've never heard of) as a part of the kit, then tells you it's not included, then lists it as an option, along with several other parts you'll need to make any kind of power. I call bullshit. After adding it, plus injectors, and whatever else you REALLY need that isn't included, you're looking at $4.5k-$5k after delivery and taxes... that's FM2 or Bell S4 territory. The install instructions seem comprehensive and the parts seem to be of high quality, but there's no way a GT28 will make 230hp on 9psi... I think the FM kits make that at 12psi on the same turbo.

Here's a link to their computer:
You wanna make sure it comes with a PnP harness, or you'll be forking over more cash for a Boomslang providing one exists, or you'll spend an afternoon in wiring hell.

I know there are guys around who run the AVO kit... but not very many. Here's a good read: Evidently there are some serious problems with cracking manifolds... stand by for welding duty at some point. If you haven't bought it yet, do some more homework and decide if this is really the kit for you. If you have bought it, what "OPTIONS" did you get? Are you building a DualFeedFuelRail or did you buy one? Does the DP have an extra bung on it? What exhaust are you running? How much money do you have for everything else you need?

You don't really need an ECU at this point... fuel pump/injectors/AFPR/Bipes will get you enough fuel and spark control. Then there's Xede, Hydra, Link, AEM, Emanage, and few others that vary greatly in price and power... but you'll still need injectors with them. Gauges... at a minumum, a boost gauge. Next in line of importance will be WBo2, Fuel Pressure, and EGT (need a bung on the manifold).

What other questions do you have?... and fill out your profile and sig.
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For gauges

Wide Band o2
Oil Temp
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