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Default New valves noob Q's.

Hey, I just tore the head off my miata for a rebuild and since I have it in pieces I'm wanting to replace the valves and springs to refresh everything. I saw some supertech's going for upwards of 250 bucks and haven't been to the local dealer yet. Anyone have any other suggestions? Is it really worth buying these "coated flake and break resistant" valves? or will stock ones do just as well?
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Did you search?
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Jegs(overpriced), ebay, edibach, google (for the most part) Just figured I'd pick the brains of the miata world to try to get some feedback.
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did you search the miata world?
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Madboy, the stock valvetrain is bulletproof to just about any horsepower level you can make on a stock bottom end up to 7200rpm. Some guys push the envelope to 7500rpm, make major power, and hope for the best... often it works out.

If you plan to turbo and make big power 300whp+, and you intend to keep the stock rev-limit of 7200rpm, and you are on a budget, then a ceramic coating of the exhaust valves is about all you need to get a good margin of safety for the odd knock event.

A valvetrain upgrade is recommended if you're going to push the rev-limit up a bit, but most guys doing that are going with full-out built motors and spending big money.

If you've got the money, buy the best you can, but I don't see anywhere in your whole post count that you even have or plan on going turbo, so stock is just fine.

Also, please fill out your profile with some basic information and put something about your car in your signature so guys don't have to search your past posts just to find out what you drive.
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He's just rebuilding the car at this point. There hasn't been much discussion on going FI with it, or even modifying it beyond bolt-ons (possibly porting the head).

So the stock valvetrain is good for him then? Anything recommended like viton seals or small improvements? I like the coating idea.
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If factory is good enough for 300whp, then yes, I'd say it is good for a few bolt-ons.
Don't waste your money, plenty of other places to sink it, such as suspension and tires.
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