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Default Oil usage insanity, help me find the source! (pics inside)

So I finally finished my engine build several months back and put it in. It runs amazingly other than the fact that it's leaked 4 quarts of oil in the past 1100 miles or so. Engine has about 1400 miles total.

So, with this kind of oil usage, I should be leaving a slick on my garage floor larger than this, right?

Name:  DSC00636.jpg
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And that spot seems to be dripping from the bottom of the tranny, see all the fresh looking oil in this pic?

Name:  DSC00654.jpg
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And this:

Name:  DSC00652.jpg
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So this leaves me with 2 conclusions:
1. My rear main or rear oil pan gasket are leaking and most of the oil is staying in the bellhousing while only letting a tiny bit escape through the weep hole.
2. I have some mystery leak from the back of the head

Here is evidence supporting the leak from the back of the head. If you look closely, you can see a channel of caked oil running down the bellhousing:

Name:  DSC00635.jpg
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Now, i've checked around the back of the head as much as I can visually and by feeling, but i'm not finding any fresh oil anywhere. Not from the CAS, not from the VC gasket.

Another note, my spark plugs aren't oily so I dont think there is a problem with valve seals. Something I haven't checked is the Cam seals although I dont see how those could leak to the bottom of the tranny and if they did, I see no trail of oil leading between the two points. I will check them once i've eliminated the external leak possibilities.

I'm waiting on my real mazda PCV valve replacement still, the one in there now seems to be a piece of ****. Doesn't act like a valve, can blow through it from both ends. Maybe i'm crazy or retarded.

On a separate note, these allen head plugs around the head should be replaced by the machine shop when they rebuild the head, no? When I started this engine for the first time this plug was missing and I didn't notice it. All the others were in there, but this one shot 60psi of fresh oil all over my driveway. Pulled a plug off the old engine to fix it.

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No matter where the problem is, this is the last time i'll ever use felpro gaskets. I say this every time I try to use them but i mean it this time. I fought them hard on my Integra and finally went with acura parts and no issues since (they are cheaper too!)

So, ideas?
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attach some sponges with mechanics wire at different spots on the engine. Wait a couple days and then remove the sponges to see which ones have oil on them.
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