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Default A part of me died today...

Today was a day to cruise and enjoy a nice drive, a really nice day. The wife and I take the long way to go to a BBQ with the gang. All of a sudden, "crunch!" and the car pitches to the right. A lady in a SUV changed lanes right on top of us. As soon as she noticed she made contact she turned away, but not until she swiped the rear corner up the driver side mirror. I now have a nice swirl and impact from the SUV tire swirl on my door and rear quarter panel . Fortunately, the rear quarter is only scuffed and not dented, but my door is toast. My fender and mirror are ok.

I picked this car off the lot brand new in '99. This is the first time anything has happened to this car. I race the **** out of this car regularly only to have a negligent driver **** it up on the street in low speed traffic.

OK, A part really didn't die, but its a pisser that stupid **** was the cause. I'm glad nobody was hurt.
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That sucks sorry to hear that. There are some really stupid people out there. I don't trust anyone on the roads.

I had something similar happen to me. I went into the grocery store for about 10min. to pick up some stuff. When I came out the entire driver side door, where the front quarter and door meet, all the way back to the end of the door is pushed in and there is a bright yellow scrape. Some idiot pulled out of the parking space next to me and scraped his bumper all the down my car! I didn't even know who did it! He just ran off.
Fortunately my insurance covered the work for the hit and run.

At least you know who did it and will have their insurance take care of it.
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This has about happened to me 3-4 times in the past few weeks....starting to get rather irritating.

Sorry to hear that man.
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I've been there a few times...at least you can swap panels and put paint on the other places.
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You did get her info, right? Dear god I would probably have grabbed the nearest blunt object and chased her *** with it after she got out of her monster truck thing.

Suv's are so ******* annoying/stupid/pointless/waste of space. blah.
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Yeah, it sucks, at least I can swap the door. The first thing that came to mind was "Dammit!!!, it finally happened..." but the first thing I did was make sure we were all OK. We got a police report/case number and I did get her info. A witness also stopped and gave me his info.
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Same thing happened to me once. A lifted 4x4 decided to change lanes into me when we both pulled away from a light that had just turned green. Fix was to swap the door from another silver NA; fortunately they only got like 3 inches of the quarter panel behind the door so I was able to get off most of the black marks there.

Now I am hyper-aware of traffic, and have to do their looking for them, the douchebags.
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I just got rearened driving my wife's 97 the day after I put in new shocks on it. The bad part is that my brother was driving my dads Jetta GLI and was stopped behind me, with one more lady in a Corolla behind him. Then some chick that was probably texting bangs the crap out of the corrolla, which then smacks my dads jetta so hard it hits me, just barely. Luckily they did not total my 97 even thoug the diff housing cracked, but they totalled my dad's GLI just cause VW parts are stupid expensive.
It just sucks when you get hit like that for no damn reason at all. You can be as defensive a driver as possible but what do you do about an idiot that hits you while you are standing still???
It really is much to easy to get and maintain a drivers liscense in the US!!!
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