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Default Plans for my car (Help pl()x!)

So I'm gonna be completely honest here, my car is set up like **** right now. Here's are the current specs:

Stock 1.8
FM log Mani/BEGI-s DP (From a 1.6 car. Got it for 80 dollars and it worked)
460cc RX-7 injectors
Brain-built MS
2560 @ 9psi

As far as the turbo setup goes, it's pretty good. Just a standard turbo setup, not much you can screw up on apart from cheaping out on vital parts.

Handling, though, is where this car really wades through a sea of ****. A stock Chevy Aveo could probably outhandle my car.

It is:
Racelands (Not slammed though)
Stock sways
AR Avenger heavy **** shiny wheels
Stock 185-60-14 all season tires
Open diff

It understeers like a pig, and it's unsolvable because if you give it any throttle it just spins the ******* inside tire, creating a shitshow from both ends of the car.

So, I come to the issue of what to do about it. I've made a list of shiny fun go-faster parts, in order, of what I'm going to buy. I'm just looking for some advice relating to the parts, and if I should revise the order.

My plan, in order:
1. New freakin' wheels. I have some 205-40-16 Parada spec 2s in my basement, but nothing to mount them on. Plus, the car is ugly as **** with the current wheels anyways, and they'll make a huge difference.

2. 3" ARtech downpipe. Although the Begi-S from a 1.6 works, it bangs like ****, makes **** for power and exits about an inch too far forward, ******* up the rest of the exhaust. Extended to surpass the cat (No emissions in MN, not even visual ).

3. Custom shiz JDM yo 3" catback. I want to get rid of the OBX Duals on it now. There's nothing wrong with them. In fact, I LOVE the way they sound, but they're 2.3 inches with a baffle muffler. Plus, I don't want to cut my new bumper for duals since I plan on taking them off anyways.

4. OBX LSD. This ******* open mang. Makes me want to murder kittehs. Again, not really broken, just irritating as ****.

5. The big one here. FM Stage 2 Suspension package. Adjustable Toicos, FM springs, and their sway bars. ( Also comes with new bumpstops and NB conversion.

6, 7 and 8 are just go-faster bits so I can add MOAR BOOST (3.9 rear end, 6-speed and bigger injectors.)

My biggest issue right now is numbers 4 and 5. I will concede that I know very little about making the car faster around the corners. I completely trust the FM kit, but I have heard some people say that the Illuminas are ****. Dunno how true it is, so I thought I would ask. I also don't want to blow 900 bucks on suspension if it can be done better for less moneez.

Number 4 is also a concerning issue simply because I'm not sure which to do first between the two. Which would you recommend doing first? The full suspension or the LSD? Regarding the first two aswell, although it's probably more prominant and logical to do the suspension at this point, these two things are actually hindering function of the car, and the crappy handling isn't, apart from it being embarrassing in the corners. I figure I'll just do it once and be done with it.

Thoughts? Mostly concerning the FM suspension package, but also concerning my order of things to do and my reasoning.

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