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Default Please ID these 5 wires/electronics!

Hi everyone,

I'm currently in the process of completing my first motor swap into my 97 NA. The motor came from a 99 NB, and although i've managed to plug in most of the connectors back together, there are a few that I can't quite remember where they go. I deleted my PS/AC while I was at it.

1 & 2) Both the little white connector in the background and the black connector on the left I'm not too sure where they go. They appear to be part of the harness that includes the TPS connector by the throttle body.

Here's another picture:

3) This silver one comes from somewhere on the block underneath the intake manifold. It was already on the 99 motor and wasn't transferred from my 97 like most of the electronics. The wire itself appears to have a braided covering over it. Not sure where it goes.

4) This one comes from the passengers side firewall by where the AC hardlines used to go. Was this part of the AC system?

5) Alright, this one is a real problem because the connector itself got broken off, although it was your standard black female connector similar to the one that connects to the starter and oil pressure sender. However, it comes from the harness near the back of the block by the coilpack on the passenger's side firewall. It was originally covered in plastic sheathing. I extended it thinking it was the starter wire, but it wasn't so please ignore the electrical tape and anything past it. The wire is blue and red. Anyone know what this is/where it goes?

Thanks in advance for the help!
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Please ID these 5 wires/electronics!-photo10_zps81984bb8.jpg   Please ID these 5 wires/electronics!-photo9_zpsa5beea02.jpg   Please ID these 5 wires/electronics!-photo7_zpsb1e761f9.jpg   Please ID these 5 wires/electronics!-photo2_zpsf6d17b35.jpg   Please ID these 5 wires/electronics!-4cb0624c-40d9-4bdc-a42a-af94cd751e4d_zps9ed37da3.jpg  

Please ID these 5 wires/electronics!-photo6_zpse0b28d25.jpg   Please ID these 5 wires/electronics!-photo5_zpsb9c07347.jpg   Please ID these 5 wires/electronics!-photo3_zpsd024b284.jpg  
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white single pin one is for power steering
the other one in that picture looks like maybe the passenger side fan
Then you have what looks like the knock sensor
idk what that one by the fire wall is, I either dont have that or its not important and I forgot about it
the one at the back of the head is for the them gauge in the dash. You need to swap that sensor over to the new engine to get a working temp gauge.
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the one near firewall looks like a transmission connector (speedsensor or reverse sensor)
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the are all plugs that plug into obvious matching connectors inside the engine bay to perform various functions.
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I think the black one by the firewall is for the washer bottle.

First picture of the single wire is for the power steering pump as Leafy mentioned, and the one behind it is for the crank sensor, not sure what the one in the front of the picture is for.

The single wire in the back could be for one of the three coolant sensors. It's on the back of the head, I believe for the temperature gauge.
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1. Power steering
2. Looks like the PRC Solenoid connector
3. Not sure - EGR perhaps?
4. Windshield washer fluid
5. No Clue - logic suggests it's a fluid temp or fluid pressure sensor.
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1. P/S pump
2. Leaning towards A/C fan, but I'm not sure. What are the wire colors?
3. NB knock sensor
4. Windshield washer pump
5. Coolant temp sender wire for the gauge (2L on page 16 of the factory wiring diagram)
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No. 2 looks like the FPR solenoid which was on top of the NA8 fuel rail. Like Sav said, colours? If it's white/red and yellow/green, it's the solenoid for sure (2W on my 94 ECU).
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