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Mazmart is having a sale on harddog roll bars with free shipping. That alone would save you 70 bucks!

Ill be ordering a new roll bar as soon as i get rid of my ACE
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Originally Posted by hustler View Post
zip-tied FIA padding > leather ------ wrap ****.

Originally Posted by hustler View Post
I was in the top of 4th gear, went over a bump, heard the noise, felt something cool but never felt the impact. I didn't immediately black out, but I was incoherent. I got out of the car, lied down, and almost took a nap. that was a bad day.

I look like a little kid driving the car now. Highschool kids like to **** with me, and are a little surprised when I get out of the car...or just shoot at them.
wow, i didnt know of anyone so far of hitting their head while driving
it could have been worse i guess
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Originally Posted by Braineack View Post
you guys should stop trying to big pimp it driving with the seat all the way back and learn how to drive with knees and elbows bent like a real driver. I didn't hit my head on my roll bar when i went straight back into a pole....If i did it would have hurt like ****, cause the impact itself gave me a headache for two days.

My seat has to be pretty much all the way back for me to even fit in my car. Heh.
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Much more rear view with the double diagonal.

Zip ties and black duct tape > just zip ties

I have a HCHTDD. You're welcome to stop by and check it out.
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Originally Posted by that7guy View Post
The install really isn't as complicated as you think. It can be done in a few hours with some basic tools. I would really consider how the diagonals block the rear view mirror. Its something i didn't think about when I bought the DD and I can just barely see through the two diagonals. The single diagonal black alot more
HDHCDD - doesn't block the view that bad and works well with the top, not to mention it certified for some scca classes, get a helper to put it in place or you'll munge your paint - the tolerance is reallly close when you set it in and get the longest ****** drill bit you can find (for whatever the bolts are - don't remeber), drill back holes with top in semi down position - works great, tin snips (the set with three - from any lowes or home depot) work reallly well on cutting the plastic - mine looks OE much cleaner than my friends. It's not as bad as it sounds - can be done by someone who's never done it in under 5hrs with a helper, someone who has done it - 2hrs maybe. Don't forget to undercoat or prime the holes/bolts under the car when you're done and yeah tweak the crap out of them.
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Has anybody got a boss frog double? I'm curious to see how they fit? I'm concerned that at 6'1, I'm not going to be able to fit.... Don't want to put a hustler. <G>

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If you do this in order to prepare the car for track use, you should make sure you get a bar prepared for shoulder harness fixation. Must DE clubs and such requirs that you use a 5 or 6 point harness in an open car. A harness bar looks cool IMO but a single fixation point (welded in ring) further back works just as well.
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