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I won't be home for another 30 days or so....one has 87k (inputshaft has some scaring due to a seized pilot bearing) and the other 124k (shifts like a champ)
If my ex wife didn't get pissed after the divorce they'll be in my garage and I would let go of them cheap. the first one I'd get rid of for 50 bucks....and the other 75...I should have a sixspeed by then so I won't need em.
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http://www.racingconcepts.net/product.html do they have a turbo II tranny swap.? i couldnt find it on there website.
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If i dont have a 6 speed in a timely fashion, i might get Bryan to put in one of your trannys since you are selling at such a reasonable price, or hell youll have a welder by then all we need from him is the plate
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racingconcepts is all about LS v8s in Miatas- nothing turbo II.

Bigturbo- I didn't describe anything, just posted some links. Keep in mind that there are people on this forum just as capable as your mechanic, so I'd leave it to the individual to choose the method by which they would install the TII trans. Your way is surely the most expensive- and that's a $kill some of us don't have. The FD trans improvements are insignificant given the price of the FC unit. Moving the shifter lever foreward is possible, not that complicated, and the Miata lever assembly can be moved over. I bet these guys cut the shifter hole because it took five minutes. I didn't see any other chassis cutting and the slave cylinder solution worked fine. I guarantee it is far more difficult for the majority to section and weld together two bellhousings on the exact same axis vs. to make an adapter plate out of 1/2" plate. You said it yourself "It was from the beginning a difficult modification but the engineer succeed in this 100%." -BIGTURBO. Sounds to me like it was a difficult job from start to finish- and that was for a skilled engineer. My guess is that's the reason that those three guys with 400hp Miatas chose to use adapter plates.

I don't have a link, but I have seen a ppf adapter built for the TII tailshaft which retains the rest of the 1.8 setup. That's what I will do.

RandyS (solomiata.com) has come up with a solution that will allow bolting up an FD diff. It's in the middle of fabrication, but once made could be duplicated. In this case that would allow using the FD trans and ppf. Left with the usual problem of connecting that to the B engine AND finding room for the exhaust on the exhaust side with the ppf now on that side too. The reason for doing this was that the FD diff is a torsen - makes for a dirt cheap indestructible rear. - rob

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