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Default Sagging Glovebox - Any DIY fixes...?

My 89 glovebox has drooped about a 1/2" from the fully closed position and bugs me. Does anyone know of a fix for this?

Searching reveals a solution for the NB but it appears to be a different setup from what I can see at least......
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Duct tape FTW
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When I did the NA6 dash swap in mine, I was rewarded with the most annoying rattle ever. It was the glove box door rattling against the dash. It made firm contact on one side, but kinda drooped on the other. Crazy annoying.

I loosened the mounting screws at the bottom and cut some foam weatherstrip for the top. Just a small square for each side. I think I used 1/8". Not very thick, but thicker than the gap. Then I closed it up and tightened the screws. That gave me a gap at the top that was roughly equal on both sides. It looks better and no more rattle.

Maybe something like that to fix yours?
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P.O. put some zip ties on the inside of the glove box. It helps a bit.
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