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Default Screwy timing

Installed bipes last week. Set the timing to about 10 btdc and a 4 deg. pull on bipes. But with all the snow haven't had the time to test it. Today finally got to take it out. On cold engine - (about 5 minute warm up at idle) noticed that the car bogs at between 2 and 3.5K RPM. This used to happen when the car was really cold. I mean like a 30 second warm up in the summer. Now it's happening for about 20-30 minutes.

Symptoms: At cruising speed in 2nd gear (20mph) initiating acceleration. 2000RPM press the gas pedal. Car starts to accel and then bogs at around 2300RPM. The boost gage shows 0 vacuum. After easing of gas and going back to 2K RPM and then attempting to accelerate the car may or may not accel. Nothing like that past 3500RPM. Bipes shows "one light of retard" while this is happning or no lights at all.

What I've tried: Tried increasing the angle to 14BTDC. Also played around with various Bipes settings. RPM range, decreased the pull, increased the pull. Same thing happens no matter what the settings. Eventually spliced the CAS wires back together and set my timing to 8BTDC. Same symptoms. The symptoms go away once the car has been running for a while (About 20-30 minutes of various driving: Stop and go. Shut down the car and start driving again etc) with or without bipes.

Since same symptoms are experienced with or without bipes, I assume Bipes is fine.

Spark plugs were replaced with the turbo install. Just replaced the wires today to be sure. My idle is at around 850RPM. Sometimes it starts to drop and picks up to 1200RPM and then back down to 850RPM. Idle was like that before the turbo install and I haven't experienced bogging.

Here's what I think the problem could be:

CAS got screwed up from all the recent adjusting. However only two were performed prior to the symptoms. Once from 10 to 6 during turbo install. And then to 10 when Bipes was installed.

Bad coilpack. But I don't see why this would start happening now and not before.

Could someone recommend some troubleshooting steps to see what's FOOBAR?
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grounds vaccum leaks to much fuel
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Ehh, hate to be repeatative, but id vote vac leaks.

Im having shitty idle problems and i bet its a vac leak... just cant find it lol.
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