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Wow I tickled a nerve here.

Perhaps "ruin" is too strong a word. What I meant was am I going to take a car that is pleasant to drive, if slow, and turn it into a bullet that I only want to drive once a week. I have been down this road before. But after all these responses I think I will press forward (as if I wouldnt have anyway). Also in thinking about it today, perhaps the rosy glow of nastalgia was clouding my memory and I forgot how slow they really are in std. trim. Giving it some thought I do remember being outrun by all sorts of "sensible" cars (damn maximas).

I do think I may take samnavy's advise and peice it all together. I really hate to pay full whack for the MS PnP when the build it yourself kit is 1/4 the cost, but perhaps I will just give in and spend the money. if they only made it for honda's I would be grumbling that it isn't avail. to us.Feel free to point me in the direction of any "build threads" or pages that would make good reading.

So on to fresh questions- As I am still shopping for the car, am I best off only buying a post 94 model? what should I know here? I am aware they are beefier, but everyone else here in the U.K. seems to know it too, so they demand a bit more /$(and oddly are pretty thin on the ground). Further, U.K. insurance premiums are based on engine cc so if I can say its a 1.6 it would be cheaper. On the other hand would I buy a 1.6 and just end up pending more than the difference to a 1.8 upgrading the brakes/clutch/rear end/ braces?

And yes Mr. Perez,I did see the top gear with Sabine in the transit van. Having been there I am even more impressed with it. But in my defense I did have folding chairs strapped to the roof, cabinets full of food, and 8 cases of german beer in the car with me (it was on the way back home) so we did have to downshift5 to 2nd on a couple of the hills. Pretty funny as we would be doing 25 and a GT3 would sail past at well north of 120.

And thanks all for the decent response, as with most of us I am sure I have a finger in quite a few forums on various cars/bikes/ect. and i was completley expecting a few "use the search" and "**** off noob" responses. I am frankly amazed I didn't get a single one. you miata people are alright.
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Use the search and bugger off newb.
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And the circle of life is complete
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I can see where you're coming from mate. In fact I've been on a very similar school of thought. The miata is a very well balanced car and I'm still convinced that too much power will upset that and push it too far one way or another.

That being said, I still want more power!
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