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Default Walbro 255

A few of you know my project over on the build section, but I thought this might get a better response here. I am starting to think about my fuel system, I am going to be tuning for 91 octane and E85. I am going to need some good fuel flow. I am leaning towards a Walbro 255 in tank pump. Has anyone had any experience with this pump? I really don't want a pump that is going to be whining in my ear the entire time I am driving. Any input would be appreciated.
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its a great pump. flows a ton and not loud at all.
had great success with them on all my subaru's, and installed a **** ton and a half, each still running great.

Just got a 255HP for the miata, it flows a bit more than the regular 255 from what I understand.

Its said to not be intended for e85, but I know a ton of guys using it with e85 with no ill effects
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255HP in my last project. Loved it, had no problems. It was loud, but that was in a hatchback application where the access panel was in the same compartment as my head. It'll be quieter in a Miata. Also, you can do a good bit to reduce the noise by using an isolator sleeve (or two) on them. Pretty great for south of 100 dollars.
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I have a Walbro 255hp as well. Sure its louder than the stock pump, but its not like its super loud or anything. Over the road noise, radio, turbo, etc....you wont even hear it.
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You might hear it at idle... IF you have a stock exhaust.
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I have a 255 I can only here it at low speeds with the radio off.
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255hp here as well, used it since '01. It's very loud every now and then then gets real quiet. I think it's loose in there or something, probably dangling by a wire or two. Haha.
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I used the begi install kit it came with a new rubber isolator that might help keep it from being loud. The walbro fuel pumps a way quieter than other some other high performance pumps I've heard.
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