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Originally Posted by RotorNutFD3S View Post
I'm interested in the group buy going on since new bushings are on the to-do list. However, I've read a lot of complaints about noise with poly bushings, while others have no issues. What gives?
Also, some sites I've been reading while researching the topic say to avoid bushings with graphite because it doesn't come in contact properly with the metal, and when it does, it washes away too easily. And graphite also can cause the polyurethane to deteriorate if there is too much in it.
Just want some things cleared up before I go for this...
the harsher your suspension components the higher the NVH, so yeah it will be a bit louder i guess...

can you elaborate on the graphite deteriorating the poly?
i heared that more graphite is better actually, but that was just word of mouff
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Oops, let me clarify, when I say noise, I mean squeaks. I've read that a lot of poly components will start squeaking a lot either when really new or over time. But after doing a whole bunch of reading/research last night on different sets such as the SuperPros that Emilio sells, and some other kits, it seems that if you install it right the first time you shouldn't have any issues. And in the chance that you do, putting in Zerk fittings and slightly channeling the bushing when installing is a good idea.

As far as the graphite issue goes, feedback on various forums I read last night said that the graphite impregnated bushings squeaked like hell. So I did some searching away from forums and most sites I found agreed to the point that blending into polyurethane does not work because basically the graphite is an impurity and the urethane encapsulates it. So it won't act as a lubricant because it won't be touching the metal. (And any that does end up on the outside of the urethane wears away rather quickly.) And if too much graphite is added, the bonds in the urethane are not strong because it's attempting to bond to a lubricant and it breaks down rapidly.
But that's just what I found out on the internet, I'm no scientist, so I'm not defending this position nor am I saying it's correct information.
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