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Default What to do about fuel?

My 01 has a completely altered fuel system. All the hard lines have been removed and replaced with aftermarket fuel line. It's also been setup with 2 fuel pumps and a rigged up dual feed fuel rail with a return line so they could use an AFPR. I'm getting rid of the 2 fuel pumps and going with a Walbro 190hp which just arrived today and I want to fix the rest of the system. I'm getting a dual feed fuel rail from flying miata (I think they are the only ones to make one) and I was wondering what I should do with the remainder of the lines? Should I go and get the factory setup from mazda for an 01 or would there be a better solution that I can do myself?
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You kidding. I'm basically building that setup into my 99. Two pumps and a return style setup. That's funny you're dumping it. I'll be running MS and a 1:1 FPR. If I were you, I'd keep the return style setup. If you need new lines, you could order the stock stuff, or do like I did and buy a roll of hard line and make your own.
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I dont know why your getting rid of that ****. It sounded like a good set up. At least keep the dual feed rail.
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I'm taking my stock lines off my '01. Not sure how I'd ship it though (long tube maybe?).

I don't know why anyone would need two pumps unless they're pushing 500+whp. No need for an AFPR unless that's your engine management.

I'm pulling the hardline off this weekend. If it'll fit in a tube, I can send the hole setup to you. I'll still need the return line from the fuel filter as my setup will be using a Corvette filter/regulator setup.

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I'd keep it a return system, remove the FMU and inline pump and call it a day.
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I'm messing with it because the lines are cheap rubber and have been getting damage from little rocks and stuff under the car. The fuel rail is messed up beyond repair at this point and is leaking. With the two pumps, it's overpowering the regulator for the charcoal canister and sending raw fuel in it. Will a single 190 do that as well? Sounds like the majority thinks I should keep it a return system, should I use hard lines from a 94-97 car or just redo the lines with something that's better quality? What would be better than hard lines for underneath the car? I really just want to fix it once and not have to worry about it ever again. Call me a *****, but I don't particulary like messing with any part of the fuel system. I feel I'm going to screw something up and end up blowing myself up.
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go to a local hydraulic shop and have them make you fuel lines out of braided SS line, they can make any length and any fittings at the end
do your homework ahead of time, measure twice before writing down the needed length
keep it a return system
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