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Default What if...?

I got caught with a non CARB turbo in california
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Ghey: YouTube - CRX on Global News pulled over by MTO (Ontario)

I would like some details on this as well, as I am considering moving from Chicago to SLO in the future. Just basic stuff like what can and can't I do, what is definitely considered illegal, options for running Megasquirt, catalytic converter options, OBD1, blah blah. Naturally I assume they would give you a hefty fine if caught, and maybe worse.
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Don't get caught. As long as you don't drive like a dick, it's not very hard.
And even if you do.... I haven't been asked to pop my hood, even running no exhaust.
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I have been turboed in CA for 2 years.

-No intake modifications after the AFM are legal without an CARB EO (California Air Resources Board Executive Order)
-No header or pre-cat mods
-POST-CAT MODS ARE OPEN, no matter what the idiot police in this state tell you. As long as you have a muffler, it exits behind the rear tires, and you are under 93dB, you're golden. Cops still ticket for 'modified exhaust', and if you get that ticket you get sent to the state referee, who will get you for everything else. Be careful.

-BE POLITE TO COPS THAT PULL YOU OVER. I've been pulled over 4 times, and never had my hood popped. City PD, Sheriff, CHP, I've chatted with them all. I am a teenager with a modified car; the only way it could be worse is if I were Asian. CF hardtop, wing, Advans, drag racing paint on the windshield, I've had it all. When you get pulled over in CA with an illegal car, the BEST you can hope for is a ticket - so hope for it. Your goal is to admit to everything you did wrong, get your ticket, and GTFO - don't give the cop a reason to even think about popping the hood.

-You can pass emissions with a bunch of illegal **** on your car. My roommate has passed full standalone Megasquirts through. They won't throw CELs, but if you aren't OBDII and you have a CARB sticker you can usually find a smog tech who will forget about the CEL, provided it passes the sniffer.

-Try to stick with a CARB kit, or at least something close, even if you have a standalone and big injectors. If you do get popped, just point at that and play dumb.

-Plan your build. Smogs are required every 2 years, so get on-cycle, smog it, and then turbo it right afterwards. You can do it off-cycle, but getting a car past a smog tech with a turbo setup, big injectors, and a standalone can be difficult (or expensive).

Some areas are worse than others; if you live in LA, you're going to get harassed about it. SLO, they are too busy looking for drunk college kids. SF Bay is pretty good, but Milpitas/Hayward/Oakland can be a little dicey just because of all the street racing that goes on in those areas.
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So basically if you're anything other than white, then you're screwed.

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Thanks for the details, Sav. If i get ticketed for a modified exhaust, do they take my car at that point and send it to state referees, or do I drive it to them. Maybe I can gather all my stock parts and swap it before getting sent to the state referee.
Anyone ever heard stories about cars being impounded or big fines $$?
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