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I think 2.5" is the 1st mistake on the turbo car..

Super cheap good sound= 3" pipe from the DP back to a thrush turbo muffler from summit.

The entire deal is less than $200, it works and it sounds good.


Although, I can appreciate the quiet car. Stealthy. make nicer car owners cry when you beat up on them

Another awesome idea, have you WG gated externally. So your car is super quiet and then explodes with radness while schredding the streets???
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Originally Posted by miataspeed2005 View Post
I have and enthuza 2.5" budget turbo exhaust with no cat and when I go for a cruise with other turbo miata's my car is so quiet I can't even hear it! I took out the exhaust yesterday to see how it will sound with just a dump pipe and it's ridiculously loud, I'm just trying to find a happy medium. Should I cut my muffler that I have on and replace it with a glass pack?

maybe it's because of your thin pipe.... mines 3"

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open downpipe ftw?
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Originally Posted by sixshooter View Post
....and loud usually means juvenile and cheap.
And if there is anything this forum is not, its juvenille and cheap.

Edit: Plus One on external dump WG. Its the next best thing to a cutout. Just plumb it back in if you want it to be OK with the powers that be.
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I don't want crazy loud but I feel like my car is super quit next to the rest of miata owners...and I think I got a bigger problem now, I think I blew my head gasket.
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Originally Posted by sixshooter View Post
I actually think puberty is part of the problem. Their pubescence controls them and not the other way around. They haven't mastered it yet.

When I hear a loud car I always think "Dumbass." When I am surprised by a stealthy fast car I think "Holy ****!" It comes down to level of personal sophistication. A car can sound aggressive without being very loud at all. Quiet and aggressive usually means expensive and loud usually means juvenile and cheap.
Word. Loud to me screams either "It must be a Mustang or some other domestic, or it's a ricer". Loud to me just seems like something wasn't done right, quiet seems more refined, and like you said, being beat by a quiet car is much more surprising.
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