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Default Hydra 2.7 upgrade sale (from 2.1, 2.5 or 2.6) until 2/15/2015

Hello Hydra 2.1, 2.5 & 2.6 owner,

Hydra has authorized a sale on all 2.7 upgrades. The sale price is $550 for any generation, and the sale is good from now through February 15, 2015. The upgrade will include:

• 2.7 Gamma level, which is ideal for most Miata owners. (Delta & Epsilon are available for $650 & $850 respectively.) Here’s a link to the feature list for each level.
• Includes wideband long-term trim. (AKA autotune)
• Miata Gamma units also have the CAN & Flex Fuel features unlocked.
• Includes new base mapping & FM support. If you currently have a dyno tuned map & want to transfer it, realistically, the only part that can transfer is the boosted portion of your ignition table. Everything else is too different & you’ll be starting over.
• Includes an extended 1 year warranty.
• The regular non-sale Gamma LTT prices are as follows: 2.1 = $975, 2.5 = $825. 2.6 = $625.

Here are some notes:
• If there are any issues with your ECU they will need to be repaired along with the upgrade. Let us know if there are any known issues.
• If your Hydra NTK WBO2 is dead & you need a new one, we have them for $260.
• Here are the 2.7 install & setup instructions for your review.
• 2.7 is relatively picky about the USB converter cable, so you may need a new one. We find this one works the best for the most people.
• 2.7 works well with the latest generation Denso & Bosch high impedance injectors, where the earlier revisions did not.
• For the most part we’re still using a manual boost controller in turbo cars. We do have 2.7 working well with open loop EBC using the MAC solenoid kit (07-26505, $44.95), but we’re not thrilled with closed loop operation so that’s still a work in progress. 2.7 will not work correctly with the old Ingersoll Rand solenoid.
• If you’ve sold your Hydra you might pass this info along to the new owner, thanks.

If you’d like to review the 2.7 software you can download it at this link. 2.7 will work on Windows XP, Vista or 7. The ultimate HP potential isn’t any different when upgrading, however everything else about the platform is far improved. The interface is faster & easier, the starting is faster, idle speed control & closed loop idle fuelling are all far improved. Throttle transition & cruising smoothness are improved as well. Basically, everything that makes the car nice to tune & drive has been improved. We’ve also added new features such as Flex Fuel and the 36-2 crank trigger wheel, and continued with other upgrades like our Big Spark Kit. Upgrading to 2.7 has always been optional, but if you can do it the platform really is much nicer. Right now 60% of all Miata Hydras are running on the 2.7 platform. Another great feature is that once you have a 2.7 the firmware & feature unlocks are all upgradable through emailable firmware flash files. 2.7 is the end of the road for this hardware platform so you don’t have to worry if there are any more future upgrades- this is it.

If you would like to upgrade let me know & I’ll set up an order. I’ll handle the logistics, billing & mapping for you. I’ll also provide you with a Hydra RMA# & their address for you to send your ECU to. Hydra will perform the upgrade at their facility in CA & ship the unit back to you, normal turnaround is 3-5 days plus shipping time. They’ll also cover ground shipping back within the U.S.. If you are overseas it usually works best if the ECU comes here after the upgrade & we ship it back to you, and there will be shipping charges involved.

Let me know if you have any questions, you can email me - [email protected] Thanks for your business!
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Update, I talked Hydra into letting the sale go until the end of February. Thanks.
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Update- Hydra is changing the procedure by which upgrades are performed. As of today here's the new pricing structure.

2.1 & 2.5 units upgrading to 2.7 Gamma with WB-LTT, CAN & Flex Fuel enabled plus an extended 1 year warranty: $900, and it is a full new board & chassis swap-out for your old equipment. These boards are getting old enough now that Hydra is done modifying them. 2.1 units were sold new 1/2005 through 2/2006, and 2.5 units were sold new 3/2006 through 4/2008.

2.6 units upgrading to 2.7 Gamma with WB-LTT, CAN & Flex Fuel enabled plus an extended 1 year warranty: this will continue to be $550. 2.6 units were sold new 5/2008 through 5/2011.

The current 2.7 platform has been sold 6/2011 through now & will continue to be sold new. Remember, if you have an older unit & wish to upgrade to the 2.7 platform it is OPTIONAL, but we do recommend it if you are able since it is a far better platform to work with.
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