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Default no spark troubleshooting

Need some help guys. 2.5 hydra, 2000 miata. Car cut off and wont start, no spark. After a bunch of trial and error thinking crank sensor or cam sensor. Buddy of mine found the crank trigger test but we only got 1 signal after the test. Can some one run the test with the fuel off so it doesnt start. You'll have to crank it for ten seconds during the test. We thing the broken sensor isnt showing up but cant find what a proper reading should look like. Also if you guys have any ideas about whatcould be wrong dont hesitate to post. Screen shots of your results might really help.
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so got the car running. We were running out of things to troubleshoot, pretty close to giving up and dissecting harnesses. The issue was the crank sensor. Apparently the bolt holding it in came loose and the sensor slightly rotate(towards the crank pulley!) The nubs on the "crank trigger nubs gouged out the sensor causing it to stop working. This was definitely a learning experience. Now I also installed a bigger throttle body and have to learn how to tweak the hydra for it. I'll probably start a different thread if I can't figure it out. There really doesn't seem to be much info on the old hydras. I know they stopped support (lame move) but there isn't even much consumer info on it(specifically miata info) Then again maybe I just haven't looked hard enough. Anyway guys, thanks for the potential help.

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