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no question the miata is quicker stock without even trying. but i'm not aware of any problems with the s13 or 14 chassis that couldn't be fixed with a nice cage, suspension (ie koni 86's), and like 30 heim joints. (does anybody sell heim joint suspension arms for miata?)

without the cage the 240 gave a quite honorable showing at scca nationals this year (couple weeks back) - and this is miata territory.

actually, they were 1 cone away from 1st as you can see here:

Street Modified Drivers: 17 Trophies: 5
T 1 154 Christopher Mayfield 2006 Mitsubishi Evoluti N/A 61.172(1) 58.788 62.301(1) 120.689
[54] Fort Collins,CO SCR Performance/AST/Tobz Colorado R 67.289 65.848 61.901
T 2 197 Mike Simanyi 1995 BMW M3 Wht Hoosier 59.509(1) 58.078 58.649 121.629
[97] Santa Ana,CA AST / Vorshlag / Metric Cal Club R 68.657 68.694 63.551(1) (0.940)
T 3 199 David White 1995 Nissan 240SX Blk Hoosier 61.744(2) 59.333 58.618 121.960
[99] Chicopee,MA G-Fab Racing New Englan 69.925 75.216(4) 63.342(1) (0.331)

T 4 99 PJ Corrales 1995 Nissan 240sx Wht Hoosier 70.639(5) 61.135(1) 58.420 122.485
[199] New Haven,CT G-Fab Racing, 240sx Moto New Englan 75.008(1) DNF 64.065 (0.525)

T 5 178 Jarrod Hoops 2006 Mitsubishi EVO IX Hoosier 59.502 62.060(1) 59.812 122.881
[78] Midland,MI Showcase Mitsu/Pure Tuni Saginaw Va 72.717 70.236 63.379 (0.396)
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Originally Posted by Full_Tilt_Boogie View Post
I was a resident of Key West for a short time. My dad still lives there.
One time when I was visiting him I saw those towers from the canal behind his house, so I drove over there to check it out and take some pics.
Oh very nice. Next you come down i'll give you a ride in the viper down blimp road (no homo)

Originally Posted by kwkouki View Post
since viperormiata is whoring out my old s13, I figured id come check out his intentions. since im here I might as well add to the discussion.

I had the pleasure of autoXing both my s13 and a friends miata "Josh wouldnt let me drive the spec * It felt likew no matter how more built my s13 was the miata ALWAYS felt quicker, and the times almost showed it. It all comes down to driving style and what you can handle better. S13s have HORRIBLE understeer during the initial turn in. With a stock chassis it was very hard to brake deep into a corner and pull the line. The stock bushings are 99% worn/melted/not there and feels like you are driving soggy pancake. Once the bushings are replaced it becomes a different beast.

I had my s13 tuned to compete and beat the mini coopers in my class *and they hated it* the KA has alot of useable torque in the low end, and was very comfortable with the response. The car you see was my first SR swap. It basically comes down to if you know what to replace and what to tune...the s13 chassis can be a VERY quick car. People are correct though about the sloppy feedback from the chassis. You either deal with it, learn to beat it, or spend alot of money fixing it. Truth is alot of s13 owners HAVE NO CLUE what they are doing, and gives us a bad name. I must apologize for them.

My white s13 was BATSHIT fast, and stuck to whatever line you felt like running. But enough about that. Lets talk about my experience with my friends miata.

Both cars with minimal mods and good rubber...I would post times 5-10 seconds faster in the miata than I could with my s13. The car loved feedback and went there you wanted it to go. Driving that was so much fun. I didnt care for the snap oversteer but thats expected from such a short wheelbase. The car constantly felt like it wanted its rear end sideways. The body roll was HORRENDOUS! With these problems taken out of the picture the miata was out of the s13s league. I simply could not post times the way I could in the miata.

All in all, if I were to build a dedicated track car. I would pick the miata. The upkeep on the tuned s13 was rediculous. The SR is prone to running a wee bit hot, and doesnt like long track sessions. Cooling wasalways a concern for it. I feel a lesser built miata could outrun a s13 any day.....unless we were talking about my white car
TJ, that was a truly great first post. Lol, sell the jeep!
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I had a turbo KA S13 for a while (about a month) and didn't really like it. I echo 18psi's comments.

The interior is a lot bigger, but build quality is way cheaper. In addition, they aren't nearly as nimble or as fun. A Miata makes a 240 look like a Lincoln Town Car in terms of handling, I really just wasn't that impressed with it. They are super easy to slide and that's about it.

They also get worse mileage and seem to break a lot more. Aftermarket and support in general though is really big. I'd get in touch with the local 240 club and try and get some riding/driving done before you take the plunge. I wasn't all that impressed with mine, especially as a serious performance car.
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