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Old 12-27-2007, 06:21 PM   #21
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my dads 95 Taurus has had so many recalls, motor replaced by ford, and other problems.

Still running though, would tell you xxx miles but the speedo broke a few years back :gay:
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Toyota Mazda Honda, always.

You might want to buy new depending on available warranty and your mileage. I put on 18,000 a year, and thats gonna grow by almost duouble to around 30k a year. A Good new car with a 10 year blah blah blah extended warranty is worth the extra prem I pay.
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i've never had a new car, i just can't justify the price even if i can afford it no problem. My thinking is that instead of having ONE new car that is supposed to be "reliable" i have backups that will get me where i need to be if one is down. so with my truck, miata, nissan, cbr, and the girlfriends car i don't forsee having a problem. plus i've got all these toys and didn't even have to spend as much combined as a decent new car costs that will depreciate way too fast.
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Originally Posted by Stealth97 View Post
Please dont throw your money away on a new car. I bought an xB last year that turned out to be a total POS, the quality of that vehicle was absolutely **** poor. I ended up taking a $6k bath on it just to ditch it... New cars aren't always bad, but If you end up with a 5:00 on Friday car that turns out to be a POS you'll be holding the bag...

I'd still have the xB, but the paint was CRAP, the transmission was CRAP, the interior was CRAP, and thats too much CRAP to be making a payment on. my "new" 16 year old accord with 4 times the mileage is a far better car.
I could have told you that much. Scion == way over hyped turds.

Dodges new Lifetime powertrain warranty is really enticing to me and I've been thinking about selling my Speed6 for an R/T Charger.. I just can't get over the lack of standard transmission in the charger. It was something I thought about doing for a while but don't think I'm actually going through with it. Stock vs Stock the Speed6 is faster but was actually planning on an intercooled Procharger setup.

Lifetime powertrain requires a bi-yearly checkup at the dealership which is free of cost to the customer, but would require removal of any aftermarket parts (ie, procharger) and I don't think its worth the hassle. Howeve the procharger tuner kit puts the R/T wheel horsepower up past the SRT-8 for a LOT less overall cost.

I've had a few dodge products before and they've been complete and total trash. For like the last thirty years Dodge has represented complete and total **** IMO, but here with in the past few years they have really cleaned up their ****. Had a 2006 Sebring Touring as a company car for a little over a year and I beat the **** out of it, the thing still runs to this day! I can't even count the number of neutty drops I did in that thing just ******* around.

As for my experience with New cars, aside from the Sebring My mazdaspeed6 is the very first brand new car I've ever had. I for one completely love the car, I just hate paying for it. Seems a large majority of people don't feel the same way about their speed6, guess I'm odd. Not really sure buying brand new cars is really economical.

My parents have been buying 1-2 year old cars and driving them into the ground for twenty years now and have good luck with it. My father owns a 1996 Ford Ranger 2.3 five speed pickup truck with 245,000 miles on it still using the factory clutch. The only parts replaced on that truck have been ignition coils, plugs, wires, alternator, battery, brakes, and tires. Impressive, but my ford trucks both caught on fire. I'll never own a true ford again, personally.
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the new Malibu looks great... seriously...
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I've owned more cars than I can count over the years. I've had bad imports and bad domestic, and good imports and good domestics. The constant over those years for me have been, if you take care of your car, it will "usually" last you. My first car was a pinto, in 10 years of driving the living crap out of it, the only real maintainence was a clutch after about 4 years...I dumped the clutch routinely and often. I've had hondas that broke contantly, chevy's that ran forever, etc...unless there are major issues with a particular car, just buy what you like.
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