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Thumbs up Another Benadryl Story - To Be Continued

NOTE: I am NOT the author of the post,enjoy.

6' 160


Take this as advice to anyone tripping or want to trip on benadryl.

Ive only taken it in pill form and i wouldn't take it as a liquid like dxm (i can barley handle 1 bottle let alone 2.5 to get me to the 800mg-1g mark, this is for dxm doses)

Back to the benadryl the first time i did it. Always do you research on any drug. I took 12 25mg capsuls my first time and read all about other peoples trips and stuff how people said they took 7-9 and felt nothing. I took another 4 a little bit later just incase. I dont really no how long after i took them it started to kick in and the first thing i noticed was little dots on all the white walls in my house moving up slowly with my vision and the faster i looked up the faster they went, when they hit the top of the ceiling they came towards me in the middle. That was pretty much all i saw and it wasnt very entertaining or enjoyable, it got kinda of boring of looking at that and i watched tv the rest of my trip ate some food, didnt get too tired but i did pass out when i layed down.

2 days later i figured i would give it another go. I took 2 sheets (24 25mg tablets and another 4 right after that. I hate that pink **** on the outside it gets on your fingers and reminds me of cough syrup. My parents wernt going to be home till later so i figured what the hell ill take it at noon and it should be done by like 10 or ill be sleeping or somthing. They ended up coming home at 4 and thats when i started tripping, before that it was just the same visuals of the dots climbing the walls and ceiling so i thought i could make it seem like i wasnt tripping. I had to mow the lawn before it rained so i was outside cutting the grass, i was so thirsty, i kept hearing my name being called or what it sounded like my name so i kept turning off the lawn mower looking around and going back to what i was doing. i saw one of my sitting in the grass in my backyard behind my deck. I was talking to him for a bit about college then he came and sat on the motor of the lawnmower and i was pushing him around while cutting the grass, when i got back i had to go get a yard bag to put the grass in, i walked to the back and he wasnt there. my mom was on the deck and i swear her say "arnt you gonna say goodbye" or somthing close to that and i looked at her and said "what way did he go" and she looked at me like i was the biggest idiot ever and said "who" i said nvm, i kept finding myself mowing the lawn but i dont have the lawn mower running even thou i could hear it i didnt have it on. I mowed a shape of a C pretty much over and over again till i ran out of gas. During this time i keep saying "what" "huh" just to get dumb looks and "whats wrong with you" after i finished the field i got a drink of water and sat down at the tv, my mom was watching somthing i swear and she must of turned it off because when my dad walked in and asked what i was doing i said watching tv. but when i looked away from him and at the tv it wasnt on and i just started laughing like
"**** im fucked" I went outside to get some fresh air and thought i saw a cat across the street and called out my cats name and it came over, i pet it but i wasnt sure whose it was so i walked away (i dont no if that was real or not, proboly not.) I listend to my parents ask me over and over again what i was on but i just told them nothing im just dehydrated. I dont remember anything after that but my dad said i was walking around talking to myself and i was mowing the field in a figure 8. I want to be able to actually carry on a conversation with this imaginary person that i can see in plain sight. not a figure or outline. the real thing. I think it would be a fun expirence.

I will be taking 32 25mg tonight, i will respond later about what happend. Peace out and happy tripping.


Original link if you want to know post results.

Another Benadryl Trip

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Yes, I do feel like I'm living in the movie Idiocracy.
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^ lol
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I just drink half a bottle of nyquil and try to beat off before I pass out.
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LOL.... that sir, is win.
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Seriously with this drivel?

Get this bullshit over to erowid... this is MT...

I'm with y8s...
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I'd like to clarify I was laughing at what Bond said, btw.
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