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Default budget turbo?

can someone list all the parts i need for a budget turbo for my 1.8l 99 miata if I were getting the t-28
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When you mean budget, what kind of resources do you have?
Besides tracking down the fittings, building the DP can be obstacle w/o a welder.

JGS or BEGI or HKS Manifold
Garrett T25, oil and water cooled ceramic coated turbine housing and polished compressor housing.

Find PC used (~150.00) for fueling--good to 8 psi on the NB's.
If you need to retard timing-- either add an I/C or get the crank wheel from FM and set your base back a bit.

Oil lines:

I used a 9/16" drill bit to drill the pan. And a 3/8 NPT tap.

I used JB weld on the pan to oil return fitting.

I did NOT use sealant or teflon tape on oil lines anywhere.

Summit Racing:
2 @ 3/8 NPT to -10AN fittings
2 @ -10 AN hose fittings
3' -10 AN stainless steel line

JGS Tools:
1 48" GT oil feed line. Comes w/ t's and 1/8" BPT adapters, ect...
Also need a 90 degree for top of turbo, used a brakeline 'T' and just plugged the top.
<IMG 15 C>
Water lines:
5' of 5/16" ID Goodyear oil transmission hose to use for the water cooler lines.
2 @ 1/4 NPT to 5/16" hose barb fittings
1 @ 5/16" hose barb.
4 @ 5/16" hose clamps.
Used teflon tape on NPT fitting into turbo(water lines only)
Spliced onto thermostat housing, and just 'looped' the turbo into the circuit.

HKS Manifold
Needed to add EGR fitting.
Drilled in the spot in the bottom of manifold that looks like a casting process plug about 1/2" around.
Used a 11/32" drill & a 1/8" NPT tap to make hole under/in the manifold.
Screwed in a 1/8 NPT adapter to 1/4" brake line.
took a 1/4" * 8" brakeline and bent into a U shape.
Sawed the OEM nipple (male)for the EGR fitting off flush with the OEM headers.
From the backside of the nipple drilled/bored it out to 11/32".
1/8 NPT Tap from the backside(tap only will go down about 1/2 way).
Screw in 90 degree 1/8 NPT(male) to 1/4" brake line fitting(female).
Reconnect modified nipple to OEM EGR compression fitting, tighten- make sure 90 is facing downward.
Now when the manifold is bolted on to the manifold the u shaped brakeline will connect the manifold and OEM EGR line.
Took less then 10 Minutes and about $5 in parts.

Garrett T25 turbo
SS dumpipe w/ 2 O2 bungs.

4' 2.5" 304 SS pipe
2 @ 45 degree bends

90 degree 1/4" vacuum fitting for turbo.
18mm O2 sensor plug
6' of 5/16" vaccuum line
3" of 3/8" FI hose
muffler sealant, generic white tube of black nasty stuff.
3' of 3/4" heater hose
4 clamps for heater hose
3 3/4" heater hose threaded fittings
2' of 3/8" Carb fuel line for breather.
90 degree fitting 2 female 1/4"
1 barb 5/16"*1/4"thread male
1 barb 3/8"*1/4"thread male
3 5/16" hose barbs and
Tee for fuel line splice
5/16" hose barb w/ adaptor for pressure gauge
Straight radiator hose-
2"ID-- 8" long
2.5"ID---8" long
2.25"ID ---3" long
NGK BKR6E-11 (.038 gap)
Fuel filter
Wix oil filter
Mobil 1 5W/30

Fram (G12) inline fuel filter for $2.24--used as a valve cover breather.
1 qt mineral spirits

Bosch BOV off a Saab 900 Turbo
1 2" OD 180 U-Bend
2 2" OD 90 Bend
4 2.5" OD 90 Bend

VDO Boost Gauge
Single Pod Holder

3"OD *6' Black flexible Air duct hose green and yellow box.
2" ID 90 bend radiator hose part#002482 s-531
2" ID 90+ other bend radiator hose part#885269 m-079

Nissan Intercooler

2 check valves
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there is a used FM/BEGI system spread over a couple of auctions on ebay. it is for a 1.8.
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sorry to thread jack but what about the same style list but for a budget 1.6 setup. and shouldnt we make this a sticky in the diy area?
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