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Old 04-03-2009, 12:06 PM   #21
Tour de Franzia
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You: i love you
Stranger: Mee to
Stranger: *-*
You: lulz
Stranger: Female?
You: maybe
You: more like "both"
Stranger: o.o
Stranger: Holy **** e.e'
You: want pics?
You: nevermind...I'm not searching a bunch of queer **** on google for tranny pics, lol
Stranger: LOL
Stranger: Did you like pornography *q*
You: only beastiality S&M
Stranger: Sorry, but wath is S&M
You: or interspecies ****
You: like a rhinoscerous horn-******* a koala
Stranger: Wow
Stranger: You are crazy ♥
You: I'm in prison
Stranger: HSUHSUS
Stranger: LOL
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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I'll play

You: do you like vagina?
Stranger: i have the best vagina ever
You: whats her name?
Stranger: nameless
You: can i punch her?
Stranger: ofc
You: do you like punchng babies?
Stranger: not really
You: whats wrong with you?
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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hi
Stranger: hey
You: the word of the day is tainted nuts
Stranger: GET REAL
You: im totally serious
Stranger: I do not care!
You: you should
You: want to know why?
Stranger: why then
You: because nuts are in very close proximity to the taint
You: scientific fact
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
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You: picklefork
Stranger: hi
Stranger: i'm looking for a nord g2 gig bag
Stranger: for when i'm "out and about"
You: try uhmmm wait one sec
You: Online Music Superstore 1-800-878-8882
Stranger: it is a magic bag
Stranger: fits snug
You: I like a snug sack
Stranger: i can't belive you actually gave me a proper link
Stranger: this was supposed to be weird
You: a reputable place.
You: look nutjob, it can be both
Stranger: damn you
You: good prices
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
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I met a Russian girl on my third try. She is a college student named Natasha. She is studying linguistics and hopes to teach Portuguese, English, or Russian. She was home sick with a cold and had been given the link by a friend. She said there were lots of Brazilians on the site and most had poor English.

She told me her favorite author was Bunin, and that she had never read Alexander Solzhinitsen, one of the only Russian authors I had read recently. She lamented the poor linguistic skills of the average Russian. I said "You should try chatting with a JDM fanboi, yo !"

She had traveled extensively in Europe and upon questioning, had really enjoyed visiting a large lake an hour from Munich. I asked the name of the lake and she could not recall, but she thought it was himsee. I asked "Cheimsee?" and she became excited and said yes and that it was beautiful there and how much she enjoyed it. That was only about twenty minutes from where I used to live.

I told her I could probably use a Russian tutor and she laughed. She was afraid of imploding, so she asked if I was on Google talk or chat or something. I wasn't so she gave me her email address. She talked a bit about her favorite band and the song "Lazy Eyelid" before implosion.

Altogether, quite a pleasant conversation.

Results may vary.
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i found an irish girl who was lazy and liked chocolate and confessed that she forgot the name of a recent one night stand.
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