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Default Cry emo kid, cry!

So we had this little exchange back in the Alfa Romeo thread:

Originally Posted by the_man View Post
Originally Posted by DreadedRed View Post
Uh, Hustler, it's ALFA Romeo, not Alpha. Unless you're getting it Greek style, which you probably are.
Your reading comprehension skills are **** because you have AIDS, n00b ------.
And you had to get all butt-hurt and PM me with this:

Originally Posted by DreadedRed
"n00b ------", very pithy response. What's with all the preoccupation on this board with calling people gay and ------? And do you really think Aids is funny? How about Cancer or Leukemia, not funny enough for you?

Next time you choose some stupid bigot term to call me try something a little more original. I'll give you some ammunition. I'm Black, so you could call me "n00b ------ ------". I grew up in the poorest part of Chicago, so then you could make it "n00b ------ ghetto ------", I worked my way through college to get my BFA, and then on to an MBA, so then we can make it "overeducated n00b ------ ghetto ------". I own a Graphic Design firm that employs 12 people, my income is well up there in the high six figures, so then we could make it "overeducated n00b ------ ghetto ------ who makes too much money", oh, I forgot the Aids part, so that would make it "overeducated n00b ------ ghetto ------ with Aids who makes too much money". I'm a Christian too, sorry, but you'll have to come up with your own slur on that one. I think you better get out your crayons so that you can remember all that for next time.

So far as being a nOOb, which is considered such a slur on this board, I bought my Miata in July 1989 and have gone through every stage of modifying it, starting with a Borla exhaust and Jackson racing cold air intake. Later I put a GReddy kit on it, which I modified with a real downpipe (3") and custom 3" exhaust and boost controller. Then I did a 1.8 swap, had someone fabricate a new tubular exhaust manifold to fit the GReddy to the 1.8, put together my own intercooler system and upped the boost to 12 psi. I've also had three different kinds of wheels on it and countless different tires and alignments. There isn't a single nut or bolt that I haven't turned on that car, so I'm hardly a "n00b". I've also autocrossed it and have done a lot of track days so I know how how to drive it too.

I'm on several different forums, a Corvette forum because I have a supercharged 2002 Z06, a Mercedes forum because my DD is a 2008 CL63 AMG, a Ducati forum because I have a 1996 Monster 900 Chromo, all of those forums welcome new members and patiently help them out with their sometimes stupid questions instead of slamming them and calling them names, if they did, they'd be banned instantly. It's like everyones on is a 14 tear old punk kid with nothing to say besides your kind of crap. This the only forum that is so full of morons like you, that I can hardly ever find any useful information, because I have to wade through all the useless crap that people like you post.

Why with all those other cars, why am I fooling around with a little Miata? Because out of all the cars I've owned, it's still my favorite, easy to work on, an outstanding variety of mods you can make, and it's the one car where I can do almost all the work myself.

Because I've been so busy the last 10 years building up my business, I haven't worked on it for ten years. I got the itch again and have just stripped it completely down, had the whole car bead-blasted, and I'm going to build it up the way I've always wanted to. I have the money to have someone else do everything for me, but I enjoy working on it myself too much. The only thing I'm not doing is having someone build an engine for me. I'm having a fully race built 99' engine being built for me by Stewart Racing in Indianapolis, known for their work on Spec Miatas, Formula Mazdas and just about everything else. I flew to Indy and we went over every mod that could and should be done to build a strong enough motor that will hold my target of 400 turbocharged RWHP.

I'm doing almost everything else myself, like fabricating my own design over the top intercooler setup, and installing 949 Racing's dual plate ceramic clutch and flywheel kit. I'm even trying to teach my self how to do my own paint job. But yes, I am spending a lot of money on the parts I'm using, why buy some ebay piece of crap intercooler when I can talk to Gerhard Schruf at Bell intercoolers and have him design the most efficient, best quality intercooler for the system that I'm designing with the help of people like Corky Bell (you do know who he is, I hope). When was the last time you talked with Corky, he's a great guy, he'd probably even talk to a moron like you. I talked to him Wednesday, just to shoot the ****, he wanted me to read an old article from Road & Track, "The Day I Met Sugar Ray" about Sterling Moss meeting Sugar Ray Robinson (the best boxer that ever lived) and called me up so we could talk about it. I imagine that you, not being a "n00b ------" like me, talk to him all the time.

This is supposed to be all about having fun with cars, why do you feel the need to try and bring everyone down about it, that's not the true spirit of motorsports and never has been.

Man, that felt good to get out of my system after reading all the stupid posts like yours, not even directed at me, after all I'm just a "n00b ------" with only 16 posts, and none of them were as helpful and intelligent as the ones you post. Thanks, that was better than therapy.

Get a life, moron.
... and then my perfectly rational response:

Originally Posted by the_man
1. You are full of ****.
2. You take the internet way too seriously.
3. The fact that you actually wrote that whole reply leads me to the conclusions stated in #1 and #2. Get out of your mother's basement and lose your virginity someday and you will feel better.
4. This isn't your Corvette or AMG or homofag buttsex forum. Get over it.
5. You can kiss my ***.
6. You have a small *****.
And then you went and cried and said something about your ignore list.

This is me calling you out and telling you that you still take the internet way too seriously, and I think that your claims are a pile of ****, and you are currently either A. still sitting in your mother's basement masturbating or B. crying like the emo bitch that you are. You just WISH we were all 14 year old dreamers like you.

I challenge you to prove a SINGLE claim that you made about your business, MBA, Ducatis, or the fact that you have, in fact, lost your virginity.

Oh, and two of your 16 posts have been "+1," which is in clear violation of the basics of forum etiquette.
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I just started my own business and barely have any time to take a ****. Who the **** would even have the time normally to write a response that thought out and long. Jesus H Christ is that guy a ****. Get off the ******* keyboard already and go lick a puss or something. Loser.
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Get a room.
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