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That is kind of a tough choice... My areas of consideration would be:

The Mini is going to be a more economic ride back and forth to work.

Cost of expendables:
Tires and brakes will be cheaper. Less oil therefore less money per change.

Each car excels in their own way. If I were to purchase a track/autocross car, it would be the M3. I run a local autocross club and also instruct both autocross and track. I have driven both cars at and beyond their limits. In stock form, the mini will give the M3 a run for its money at the autocross and the M3 will win hands down at the track. In modified form the M3 will take both wins without a doubt.

Cool factor:
I think the M3 wins out here. As stated above, it's much cooler to tell the chick you just met that you drive a M3.

The Mini is a cool car but it takes on many of the stereotypes as the Miata. Chick car, flamer's car, etc. I went to a local Mini club meeting a few months back to help them coordinate a track day. I was floor by the attendance. Of the 30+ people there, only 2-3 were worried about performance. The rest were debating which accessories to add to "Wheezy". Yes they name their cars.
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Between those two cars. I would choose the e36 M3, even though you haven;t told us what years both crs are and the mileage, I would take the m3. But you are saying the Mini has a 5th of the M3 miles? so if the mini has 20k, the M3 has 100k.At 100k those things break and it's not cheap to fix them unless you get free labor (24pack of beer and get a tech to work on it on saturday) and parts at delaers cost makes it great.
Minis are fast and are easy to make even faster: exhaust, pulley for the supercharger, a nice intake and the M3 will ahve a problem keeping up even on the straights.
If you want reliability, get the MINI S <-shitty quality interior, which rattles, squeaks and makes weird noises, but if you gut it it's nice.
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Old 12-18-2007, 07:36 PM   #23
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can i get a neither?

if you want an economic beater, get a friggin protege5?

if you want a seriously fast car, turbo the miata?

my buddy w/ an e36 m3 (130K mi? getting really long in the tooth) is loving the '99
NB he just bought last week. i've driven a few minis... tiny inside, S models not THAT economical, fwd. bmw service/parts prices. no thanks.
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I understand that a lot of people don't like fwd here but the main reason that I am considering a Mini is because it is safer at the limit, or anywhere near it. I like the idea of a car you can really thrash and not have to worry as much about it chopping your head off. Then again, with that said that brings evo and wrx into the picture with their hero-making 4wd.

And for the E36, there seems to be very mixed feelings. Some people are saying that they are heavy and not good on the track, while others say that the E36 M3 is one of the best cars ever made, and can be killer on track. Does anyone have extensive experience with E36 in canyons/twisties/track?

And as far as the miata, I would love to turbo it, but there are some factors preventing me from doing so. I may still try and go that route, but I am just looking into alternatives. These opinions are much appreciated.
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