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Originally Posted by turbofan View Post
But this particular video I shared DOES show the metal thing afterwards. There's wear on it, but far less than without the snake oil.

How is that explained?
Simple. We have utterly no idea what the lubricating qualities of whatever non-snake-oil was used are. You could have shot that video using plain-ole 5w-30 as the "snake oil," and water with some food-coloring in it as the "regular" oil.

There's no baseline for comparison. Wear, in that context, is being shown without a valid standard to judge it against. Submit the same oil for a standardized lab test (eg: ASTM D4172 four-ball wear analysis) and then I'll be impressed.
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Well here's Prolong's trick. From Consumer Reports:

The manufacturer calls it "the greatest breakthrough in the history of lubrication." Indy 500 legend Al Unser appears to risk a $60,000 Dodge Viper to demonstrate its amazing claims.

Prolong engine treatment, $20, is what he touts in an infomercial that has generated many reader inquiries. Por a 12-pounce container of Prolong in your vehicle's oil, the manufacturer says, and it bonds to the engine metal, "creating a low-friction surface one molecule thick." That yields longer engine life, better mileage, and more savings, the ads claim.

The bond is supposed to last even when the oil is drained. In the infomercial, Unser and others drive along a racetrack in the Mojave Desert without oil or oil drain plugs. The same ad, broadcast nationally, pictures a woman who, thanks to Prolong, supposedly drove from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles without oil. (The reason she stopped after 4 hours, 40 miles, 7 seconds? She was hungry.)

We didn't test the other claims, but we did see whether Prolong would protect an engine after the oil was drained.

We installed a factory-rebuilt GM 4.3-liter V6 engine into each of two Chevrolet Caprices. We broke them in with Pennzoil motor oil, changed the oil and filter in each car, and added Prolong to one of them. Prolong claims to work immediately. We drove more than 100 miles, then drained the oil and started driving again. After only 13 minutes and five miles, both engines failed simultaneously.

Today's high-quality oils don't need extra additives. The Federal Trade Commission has told the makers of other additives to stop making false claims. We have notified the FTC about this test.
Prolong took the cars around one lap of a course. The Viper did the second lap. In Consumer Reports' test, they went 13 minutes and 5 miles! That's easily enough to do 2 laps around a short track. So even without oil, the cars would likely not fail quite that soon.
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Originally Posted by turbofan View Post
ok, I understand that. And you're right about the prolong thing. But this particular video I shared DOES show the metal thing afterwards. There's wear on it, but far less than without the snake oil.

How is that explained?
A: That bearing surface is still 100% garbage. The Snake-Oil decreased some wear, but if that "minor burnish" was on a connecting rod bearing, the bearing would be toast anyways.

B: This is a single test. Much like Lucas can "climb the gears" in the automotive store display, it's been given a test to show that specific property. This is an absolutely horrible thing for motor oil to do, yet Lucas advertises it. This test is designed to show their product performs better than the others. If the test was concluded, with a disclaimer that mentioned it also dissolved lead (your bearings), would you want it in your engine?

The big question is: Does your (any) engine need a higher performance lubricant than specified by the factory?

Let's take the BP mazda engine. The engine spec listed in my manual is "SL", IIRC.

SL, is obsoleted by SM (the pervious spec), and the current SN.

AFAIK: SL is not longer available, SM is things like Rotella T6, and SN is basically any new stock oil. Rotella (and other) diesel oils cannot currently meet SN status, due to high additive levels, which in theory could shorten cat-converter life.

So with that in mind, ANY automotive engine oil you can buy today, is going to exceed what mazda engineers qualified as sufficient for the engine.

I see zero reason to run this product regardless. My drain plug is fully installed, with the oil pan properly filled.
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