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Default Fails R us

Today's tale comes from a buddy who's family runs a small trucking company & repair shop in Pennsylvania.


I'm sure it's safe to assume that most of you guys have seen some pretty wacky things working on and around cars over your lifetimes. From the skimpiest 'riggings' to putting springs on upside down (leaf springs), I can say that working at my Dad's shop has opened my eyes to how stupid some people can be when trying to do their own mechanic work....

...well today we had one that tops them all...

9/10ish this morning we get a call from a customer (Hollywood
Construction) ..he's got a small excavating company, 2 Peterbilt Dumps, 2 lowboys, and 2 excavators. He's a polish guy, so to begin with, he's hard to understand (mind you there are a BUNCH of eastern Europeans that work contracting in our area...and they are all equally hard to understand).

He's frantic on the phone, exclaiming that his truck 'has no go' 'can't do hill' etc etc etc...we finally understand that he's saying his truck has no power. My dad thinks perhaps he's out of fuel, maybe the turbo is shot, etc etc...anything at this point. We don't hear from him for 5-6 hours.

IN the meantime we're servicing his other truck,and when my brother dropped the 2 fuel filters, he seemed to be confused as to what he found in the filters (we always check them/dump them to see what's inside). This gooey/jelly like crap is all in the filter, and it smells just awful. We didn't know what it was, but wrote down on his bill that he should find a different fuel source.

The day goes by, and just before 5 we get a phone call from his friend Ziggy (he has ZZ Construction, another polish guy) and he needs to come in for an A/C recharge. I get the equipment setup, vacuum down the system, and begin recharging the system and my Dad asked him about the original guy's problem with no power. Ziggy is confused, and doesn't know whats up. I get the charge done, and we're sitting around and Ziggy goes (well, this is what we got) 'Did you see this home fuel kits on TV?' My Dad goes 'no, are you talking about the cooking oil kits?' ... Ziggy goes 'Yes, thats it...Hollywood just got some strainers (he kept saying sheaths) and dumps fryer oil through 3 of them (as he holds up 3 fingers), and puts it in his trucks. dad and I look at each other and laugh...Ziggy seems confused

....come to find out, this guy (Hollywood) recently dumped Kitchen Deep Fryer oil in all of his trucks, after just simply straining it 3 times. Ziggy also said he dumped it in all of his equipment too...

it was almost to funny and to unreal, but Ziggy isn't one to make this stuff up

moral of the story: we now know what the jelly substance was, and now know why his truck has no power LOL.

...I can say I've seen it all now!

Cliffs: Local guy dumps kitchen oil straight into his truck, and wonders why it doesn't run.
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Awesome. My old roommate dumps WVO into his mercedes after filtering and it works great. Must be cold there.
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There was a guy who drove across England using cooking oil in his Mercedes diesel. All he did was strain it. Stopped at Fish 'n Chips places and asked for the used oil.
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solution: pour some kerosene in there?
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